Blue Prism Certified ROM Architect ARA01 Practice Test Questions

  Edina  09-21-2019

Blue Prism Certified ROM Architect ARA01 Exam is a hot Blue Prism certification,Passquestion is a website that can provide you with a shortcut to pass ROM Architect certification ARA01 exam. Passquestion has ROM Architect ARA01 Practice Test Questions which can ensure you pass Blue Prism ARA01 exam and gain certificate, but also can help you save a lot of time.

The Robotic Operating Model (ROM) Architect Exam tests a candidates understanding of the mandatory Blue Prism ROM concepts and delivery principles. The exam covers: detailed understanding of the Blue Prism ROM, different RPA Operating Models, roles and responsibilities that need to be filled as part of a Centre of Excellence, governance and pipeline, Blue Prism Delivery Methodology and the Enterprise RPA Maturity Model.

Blue Prism ROM Architect Certification gives the architect recognition to the professionals. In this certification, one learns how to design the internal structure as well as its functioning. Even if you are not a technical individual or you don’t have a background in computer science, you can opt this certification as for Blue Prism ROM Architect Certification, there are no prerequisites. 

An individual with any background can opt this blue prism certification. After taking this certification exam, an individual can become a ROM Architect. To get the credential of Blue Prism Certified ROM Architect, you must pass this certification exam. Blue Prism ROM Architect certification exam objectives are:

Architecture Design
Handling Structural Queries

Download Blue Prism ARA01 Practice Test Questions:

1.Can you determine which of the following is not an activity of the initialize phase?
A. Train core RPA Team
B. Define vision, target operating model and organizational roles
C. Deliver initial processes/benefits
D. Embed RPA benefits realization tracking as a core performance measure for automation roadmap.
Answer: A

2.Which of the following best describes realizing the full potential from RPA?
A. Establishing RPA as an IT Project
B. Focus on adapting the culture of the organization, as well as building specific RPA skills and capability
C. Do not include IT in rolling out RPA into the organization
D. Ensure the organization RPA is a desktop solution that anybody can install and use
Answer: B

3.How long does it take to build a ROM in the initialize phase of the maturity model?
A. 1 week
B. Up to 1 month
C. 1-3 months
D. 3-6 months
E. 6+ months
Answer: E

4.Who does the Head of RPA need to work closely with?
A. CIO and their respective teams only
B. COO and their respective teams only
C. Both the CIO and COO and their respective teams
D. None of the above
Answer: C

5.Which of the following areas should the Head of RPA work with when rolling out an RPA Capability?
A. Technology
B. Process
C. People
D. Technology, Process and People
Answer: D

6.Which whom would the Head of RPA work with to build a scalable and robust Digital Workforce?
A. Technology
B. Operations
D. None of the above
Answer: C

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