Blue Prism Associate Developer (ASDEV01) Exam Questions

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Blue Prism Associate Developer (ASDEV01)

The Blue Prism Associate Developer (ASDEV01) exam focuses on testing the essential skills and knowledge required to configure a simple Blue Prism process automation solution. Blue Prism Associate Developer Certification is for candidates who begin the journey in building and configuring SS&C Blue Prism process automation and objects using core workflow principles. The SS&C | Blue Prism Associate Developer exam focuses on testing the basic skills and knowledge required to configure a simple SS&C Blue Prism process automation solution.

Exam Details

Certification Name: SS&C | Blue Prism® Associate Developer
Number of Questions: 50
Format: single choice, multiple choice, drag & drop, fill in the blank
Exam Duration: 60 Minutes*
Pass mark 70%
Language: English
Exam Fee: USD$140

Exam Content Outline

Object Development (40%)

• Create standard action types following by best design standard
• Understand how to organize and label Objects
• Understand Application Modeller elements and labelling conventions
• Describe different spy modes for interacting with various applications
• Understand how to use wait stages

Process Development (40%)

• Demonstrate how to use process templates for consistent process structure
• Build work queues to manage work items
• Understand advanced work queue actions for process requirements
• Identify best practice standards in credential manager
• Identify best practice standards for environment variables
• Understand when to reuse existing objects, pages and sub-pages
• Build basic Decisions, Calculations, Data Items and Collections
• Illustrate knowledge of common process utilities such as MS Excel, Collection Manipulation, and File Management
• Understand exception handling types, retry loops, breakpoints and blocks
• Demonstrate the use of Loops
• Recognize process stop controls
• Understand how to import and use pre-built skills

Process Implementation (20%)

• Identify test of actions and processes to reduce errors
• Demonstrate debugging steps in different scenarios
• Run a process in control room, understand how schedules are configured and how to identify process errors
• Understand appropriate usage of stage logging
• Outline the process to create a release file

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1.In Blue Prism, what is a stage Expression?
A. A formula which is used to produce a value
B. An output from a Decision stage
C. The description of a Blue Prism stage
D. The output from a Calculation stage
Answer: A

2.What is a Blue Prism Process?
A. A business flow diagram
B. A computer application
C. A business flow chart
D. A graphical representation of a working computer program which automates manual repetitive tasks
Answer: D

3.Process rules or logic are evaluated in Blue Prism using which type of stage?
A. Evaluate
B. Decision
C. Validate
D. Calculation
E. Logic
Answer: B

4. Which of the following items can be used in Blue Prism to transmit values between Process Pages? (Select all items which apply)
A. Input Parameters
B. Lookup Stages
C. Output Parameters
D. Calculation Stages
E. Data Items
Answer: A, C, E

5. What is a Blue Prism Expression?
A. The output from a Calculation stage
B. The output from a Decision stage
C. It is information provided in a Note stage
D. A formula used to a produce a value
Answer: D

6. A Blue Prism Process reads data about a customer from an online form which includes their date of birth A Process must determine if the customer is under the age of 18 before processing the customer request.
What type of Blue Prism stage would you use to test the customers age?
A. Calculation stage
B. Business Rule stage
C. Validation stage
D. Decision stage
Answer: D

7. Which area of Blue Prism would you use to develop a Blue Prism Process?
A. Application Navigator
B. Process Studio
C. Application Modeller
D. Development Studio
E. Object Studio
Answer: B

8. What is a Dynamic attribute match type in Blue Prism?
A. A Dynamic attribute match type automatically detects changes within the business application and adapts the match criteria accordingly
B. Dynamic attribute match is not supported in Blue Prism
C. A Dynamic attribute match type allows the Developer to specify the match value of the attribute from the Business Object flow diagram rather than use a value defined in Application Modeller
D. A Dynamic attribute match type accepts a Collection of multiple possible match values and checks each of the values automatically
Answer: C

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