BL0-200 Practice Test Questions - Nokia Bell Labs 5G Networking Exam

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BL0-200 Nokia Bell Labs 5G Networking Exam is qualifying for 5G Professional – Networking certification. If you are attempting this Nokia BL0-200 exam for the first time, then you will be able to succeed in the real BL0-200 exam after using PassQuestion Nokia BL0-200 Practice Test Questions.We have a high quality and highly reliable BL0-200 Practice Test Questions that will help you succeed in the Nokia Bell Labs 5G Networking Exam on your first attempt. Make sure to go through all of our BL0-200 questions and answers multiple times and Pass your Nokia BL0-200 exam successfully.

Nokia Bell Labs 5G Professional Certification

The Professional Level consists of a series of advanced domain-specific certifications covering 5G strategy and planning. Each of the professional level certifications build off topics covered in the Associate Certification to provide a more detailed examination of the key components of a 5G network. The 5G Professional will be able to apply the concepts and frameworks to conduct analyses needed in support of 5G business and technology strategy and planning decisions.

5G Professional - Networking certification

BL0-200 Nokia Bell Labs 5G Networking Exam is the required exam for 5G Professional - Networking certification.If you have already followed the Foundation Course, and particularly if you are a Nokia Bell Labs 5G Associate, you have a good understanding of the foundational 5G concepts and frameworks, in both the technical aspects (networking, cloud, slicing, security) and the business aspects (use cases, industrial automation).

This 5G Networking Course will go much deeper in the Access, Core and Transport topics, which are the three domains of 5G Networking. While this is the central part of the course, we’ll also link some topics with Cloud and Slicing, in addition, we deal with Use Cases and network deployment, to better understand the end to end nature of 5G.

Exam Structure

Unit 1: Use Cases Requirements
Unit 2: Access
Unit 3: Core
Unit 4: Transport
Unit 5: Network Deployment for Use Case Realization

View Online Nokia Bell Labs 5G Networking Exam BL0-200 Free Questions

Fill In the blank with the best answer from theavailable choices. One of the fronthaul solutions is____________which is defined by
IEEE 802.1CM.
A.Passive Optical Network
B.Time Sensitive Networking
C.Microwave Network
D.Preemptive packet

What are the options for voice call establishment in 5G SA mode? (Select 2)
A.EPS Fallback (VoLTE)
B.CS Fallback
C.Voice over NR
D.It is not possible
Answer:A, D

Select the correct statement regarding SDN:
A.SON doesn't allow the use of Multivendor/Open API
B.SDN allows the separation of control and user traffic
C.SDN allow the decentralization of the network control
D.SDN allows to access data directly in the hardware

When is a non-standalone deployment needed?
A.When you need 4G RAN to provide all 5G services
B.When you need 56 RAN to provide all 5G services
C.When you need to have interworking between 4G and 5G core
D.When deploying 5G RAN but want to use 4G core

An FTTH operator wants to deploy 5G cells as soon as possible In an urban area, what can they do?
A.Re-use the existing FTTH network as fronthaul network.
B.Deploy dedicated fibers for the 5G cells.
C.If no dark fibers are available, the deployment cant take place.
D.Why would they do that, FTTH is already available.

Which of the following Is NOT an advantage of offloading mobile data to a fixed uplink through a wifi network?
A.Free-up RAN capacity
B.Lowering costs of data usage
C.The end-user is responsible for the Wifi network
D.Provides better coverage inside the premises than 5G

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