BICSI Registered Communications Distribution Designer RCDDv14 Exam Questions

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BICSI Registered Communications Distribution Designer – RCDDv14

The Registered Communications Distribution Designer (RCDD) is the gold standard of all BICSI credentials. Those who achieve the RCDD designation have demonstrated their knowledge in the creation, planning, integration, execution and/or detail-oriented project management of telecommunications and data communications technology. After earning the Registered Communications Distribution Designer (RCDD) credential, you will be recognized as an elite professional, knowledgeable and experienced in leading-edge ICT design principles. We appreciate your professional commitment in demonstrating the highest, global standard by acquiring a RCDD certification.

Being recognized as a BICSI RCDD has many advantages, including

  • A positive impact on your professional image
  • Recognition by the ICT Community as a Subject Matter Expert
  • New job and promotion opportunities
  • Higher Salary possibilities
  • An expanded ICT career field

What You Need to Know About the RCDD Credential

Applicants must meet one of the following eligibility options in order to apply for the RCDD certification exam.

  • Option #1: Two years of verifiable full-time work experience in ICT design AND a current BICSI certification holder as BICSI TECH, RTPM, DCDC or OSP.
  • Option #2: Two years of verifiable full-time equivalent work experience in ICT design AND completion of two years of higher education course work in ICT. Two years of higher education course work in ICT.
  • Option #3: Five years of verifiable ICT experience. 

Exam Information

Number of Questions: 100
Allotted Examination Time: 2.5 Hours
Format: multiple choice; multiple response and enhanced matching item types
Exam Fee: $510 - BICSI Member / $725 - Nonmember
Exam Delivery: Pearson VUE

RCDD V14 Exam Blueprint

Define Scope of ICT Design    10%
Design ICT Solutions        66%
Support ICT Bid/Tender Process         9%
Support ICT Installation Process       15%

View Online BICSI Registered Communications Distribution Designer RCDDv14 Free Questions

A program manager is identifying and verifying risks as outlined in the risk management plan. The results will be recorded in which of the following?
A.Risk register
B.Risk monitoring and control
C.Risk response planning
D.Risk mitigation strategy
Answer : A

A component project manager escalates an issue regarding a key stakeholder to the program manager. The key stakeholder does not respond to emails or phone calls and the project manager believes this key stakeholder is exhibiting a negative attitude toward the work. The key stakeholder has a significant influence over the component project which could impact other components if delays occur. The program manager's attempts to reach the stakeholder via email also fail.
What should the program manager do next?
A.Escalate the issue to the stakeholder's supervisor.
B.Escalate the issue to the program governance board as delays will impact the program
C.Update the program risk register to reflect a realized risk and execute the documented risk response
D.Attempt to call the key stakeholder, if unsuccessful, visit their office to identify potential risks
Answer : D

Company A acquires company B. which leads to a two-year program lo integrate the processes and systems Company B uses a different project management process, and the company's staff is unhappy about the acquisition As a result company B's project team fails to provide status and cost data in a format that conforms to the program standards.
What should the program manager do first?
A.Inform the stakeholders of this Issue as soon as possible
B.Change the program standards, aligning them with the project standards
C.Work with the reports provided to extract the required information
D.Remind the project manager of the relevant program standards
Answer : D

Program A is dependent upon program B lo complete benefits sustainment for two benefits Program A is on track to meet program benefits However program B's program manager has just advised that program B has been closed.
What should program A's program manager update and review first with the stakeholders?
A.Benefits sustainment plan
B.Benefits register
C.Benefits management plan
D.Benefits transition plan
Answer : A

The program manager defines the program objectives, requirements and develops a high-level road map. To ensure program alignment with the enterprise strategic plan the program manager should work with which of the following?
A.Program governance board
B.Program management office
C.Change control board
D.Project managers on the program
Answer : A

A new program component provides an opportunity to enhance program outcomes. What does the program manager use to document and monitor the opportunity'?
A.Program risk register
B.Program scope management plan
C.Program risk management plan
D.Component project risk registers

A program manager is assigned to a large cross-functional program trial includes five different technologies and multiple workstreams.
Some potential stakeholders have conflicting program expectations
What should the program manager do next/?
A.Conduct interviews with key stakeholders, and document the results in the program management plan
B.Update the stakeholder register to document stakeholders' positions relative to the program
C.Document stakeholder expectations in the program's risk register to determine their influence
D.Send out satisfaction surveys and document the results in the program's stakeholder engagement plan.

A program manager initiates a developmental program. Significant resources and funding are required (or early activities until the program cost and budget estimates are complete
What should the program manager do to understand the financial environment?
A.Map costs to the expected benefits realization
B.Establish intermediate budget based on historical information
C.Establish program financial framework
D.Obtain intermediate funding from the executive sponsor

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