Automation and DevOps, Associate (JNCIA-DevOps) JN0-222 Exam Questions

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If you are looking for JNCIA-DevOps Certification,you should pass the new JN0-222 Automation and DevOps, Associate (JNCIA-DevOps) exam to get certified.PassQuestion JNCIA-DevOps JN0-222 Exam Questions perfectly cover all real exam questions so that you can pass your Juniper JN0-222 exam successfully.It is highly recommended to go through all of our Automation and DevOps, Associate (JNCIA-DevOps) JN0-222 Exam Questions so you can achieve the best results and clear the Automation and DevOps. Associate (JNCIA-DevOps) exam on the first attempt. 

Automation and DevOps, Associate (JNCIA-DevOps)

The Automation and DevOps certification track enables you to demonstrate competency in common scripting languages and tools for automating device and network functions. JNCIA-DevOps, the associate-level certification in this track, is designed for networking professionals with introductory-level knowledge of automation tools and best practices. The written exam for the certification verifies your understanding of DevOps and automation concepts as they pertain to Juniper devices and solutions.

This track includes two certifications:

JNCIA-DevOps: Automation and DevOps, Associate. 
JNCIS-DevOps: Automation and DevOps, Specialist. (JN0-421)

Exam Details

  • Exam Code:JN0-222
  • Prerequisite Certification:None
  • Delivered by:Pearson VUE
  • Exam Length:90 minutes
  • Exam Type:65 multiple-choice questions
  • Software Versions:Junos OS: 20.1/Python: 3.6+
  • Language: English

Exam Objectives

  • Junos Automation Stack and DevOps Concepts
  • Data Serialization
  • Python/PyEZ
  • Rest API

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Which statement is correct about XML element nodes?
A. The element node is the value assigned within an opening and closing tag pair.
B. An element node cannot be nested with another element node.
C. The element node is defined by the first opening and closing tag pair of the XML document.
D. An element node consists of everything between an opening and closing tag pair.
Answer: D
What are two advantages of the DevOps approach to network automation? (Choose two.)
A. to lower cost
B. to improve quality
C. to perform manual configuration tasks
D. to rotate job roles
Answer: AB
Ansible playbooks are written in which format?
D. Python
Answer: C
Which code format is a valid example of an HTTP GET method?
A. protocol:port//device/procedure/rpc
B. protocol://device:port/procedure/rpc
C. protocol://device:port/rpc/procedure
D. protocol:port//device/rpc/procedure
Answer: C
What is required to enable the Junos OS to accept NETCONF sessions on port 830?
A. Initiate an event with the <create-subscription> command.
B. Define the port number that NETCONF will use.
C. Purchase a NETCONF license.
D. Enable NETCONF using the set system services netconf ssh command.
Answer: D
The gem install net-netconf command is used to install NETCONF for which language?
A. Python
B. Ruby
C. Go
D. Perl
Answer: B
Which example displays a YAML mapping?
A. hostname: router
B. hostname> router
C. hostname@ router
D. hostname# router
Answer: A
You are asked to create a playbook that will be able to run the get_system_alarm_information remote procedure call.
Which Ansible Galaxy module would you use to accomplish this task?
A. juniper_junos_config
B. juniper_junos_command
C. juniper_junos_system
D. juniper_junos_rpc
Answer: D
What represents the Infrastructure as Code workflow?
A. Code > Version Control > Code Review > Integrate > Deploy
B. Code > Version Control > Code Review > Deploy > Integrate
C. Code > Code Review > Version Control > Integrate > Deploy
D. Code > Code Review > Integrate > Version Control > Deploy > Integrate
Answer: A
Which two statements about the waterfall model of software development are true? (Choose two.)
A. One phase of development must be completed before the next phase can start.
B. Multiple phases of development can be worked on simultaneously, everything must be finished before production.
C. This method lacks flexibility.
D. This method provides a way to make changes quickly and add new features on demand.
Answer: AC 

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