Atlassian ACP-610 Practice Test Questions Replacement of ACP-600 Exam

  Edina  02-28-2022

The ACP-610 is the certification exam for the Project Administration in Jira Data Center. It is a replacement exam of ACP-600. To help you best prepare for your ACP-610 Managing Jira Projects for Data Center exam, PassQuestion provides valid Atlassian ACP-610 Practice Test Questions to help you to pass the Atlassian ACP-610 exam smoothly. Our Atlassian ACP-610 Practice Test Questions cover all the topics to let you know how to attempt the real Jira Project Administrator ACP-610 Exam properly. The real and reliable Atlassian ACP-610 Practice Test Questions will enable you to get through your Managing Jira Projects for Data Center ACP-610 exam in just your first attempt without any problem.  

ACP-610 Managing Jira Projects for Data Center

To become a Jira Project Administrator, candidates need to pass both ACP-620 exam (for Cloud customers) and ACP-610 exam (for Data Center customers). Project Administrators are experts at configuring and optimizing Jira Software's Scrum and Kanban projects for their teams. This credential is applicable to users of both Jira Server and Jira Data Center.

A Certification in Managing Jira Projects for Data Center (ACP-MJDP) showcases those who:
● apply best practices to translate team requirements into robust project configurations
● understand and troubleshoot project and global permissions and issue-level security
● manage sprints and releases, estimation, time tracking, and scope changes
● are proficient at configuring boards across multiple projects and teams
● know the intricacies of components and issue assignment
● demonstrate expertise in JQL, reports, dashboards and gadgets

Exam Information

  • Number of Question: Up to 75
  • Duration: 180 minutes
  • Passing score: 64%
  • Price: USD $100

Exam Objectives

Project Creation (5-15%)

  • Given a scenario, recommend a project implementation (project templates, shared configurations)
  • Given business requirements, recommend an issue type configuration for a project
  • Describe how to manage general project configurations (project details, project sidebar)

Board Configuration (30-40%)

  • Given a scenario, recommend an appropriate board type (Scrum, Kanban, Kanban with backlog)
  • Given business requirements, configure boards across multiple teams and projects
  • Configure board columns to match a workflow process
  • Translate requirements into board filters, sub-filters, and quick filters
  • Determine the effects of estimation and time tracking on Scrum boards
  • Configure board swimlanes, card colors, card layout, working days, and issue detail view
  • Troubleshoot board and filter configurations

Managing Projects (25-35%)

  • Determine appropriate permissions for project team members (project, global, issue-level security)
  • Assign team members to project roles
  • Implement versioning, manage releases, predict the impact of scope changes
  • Recommend a method to sub-categorize issues (components, labels, custom fields)
  • Configure and troubleshoot automatic issue assignment (project default, components)
  • Demonstrate knowledge of bulk operations
  • Evaluate ways to enrich issues (attachments, links, time tracking, developer information
  • Demonstrate knowledge of issue archiving

Extended Project Administration (5-10%)

  • Given business requirements, determine if and how to add fields to project screens
  • Given a scenario, determine the appropriate method to edit project workflows to meet business needs

Reporting (15-25%)

  • Translate business requirements into appropriate JQL queries
  • Determine an appropriate report, gadget, and dashboard configuration
  • Analyze information from agile reports and issue analysis reports

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