Aruba Certified Network Technician (ACNT) HPE3-U01 Dumps

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Are you worried about your preparation for the HPE3-U01 Aruba Certified Network Technician (ACNT) Exam? PassQuestion offers you Aruba Certified Network Technician (ACNT)  HPE3-U01 Dumps where you can test your skills for taking the HP HPE3-U01 exam. It will give you a real exam scenario to show you the format of the actual Exam. The Aruba Certified Network Technician (ACNT)  HPE3-U01 Dumps contain real questions and answers from the syllabus of the HPE3-U01 exam. These HPE3-U01 exam questions and answers cover all the topics to help you understand the HPE3-U01 exam with ease. These Aruba Certified Network Technician (ACNT)  HPE3-U01 Dumps are enough for you to pass the HPE3-U01 exam in one go with excellent marks.

Why earn this Aruba Certified Network Technician (ACNT) certification?

  • Create a strong foundation of knowledge on wired and wireless networking technologies on which you can build your networking expertise.
  • Position yourself as a trusted network technician who can: perform numerical conversions, analyze packets and do an initial switch setup, configure VLANS and 802.1Q, configure IPV4 routing, deploy a WLAN, and monitor a WLAN and wireless client.
  • Start your career as an Aruba Certified Network Technician who understands and can implement a modern networking solution to meet the challenges cloud, mobility, and the intelligent edge bring.

Exam Information

Exam ID: HPE3-U01
Exam type: Web based
Exam duration: 1 hour 30 minutes
Exam length: 60 questions
Passing score: 73%
Delivery languages: English

Exam Objectives

9%   Network Fundamentals

  • Defining networking, LAN, WAN and their components
  • Explain Different Media type
  • Compare Unicast, Multicast, and Broadcast
  • Convert Numbering Systems/ Numerical Conversion

20%    Network Communications Model

  • Explain OSI model layers
  • Describe the encapsulation process and headers
  • Explain the TCP 3-way handshake
  • Describe how common L2 to L7 protocols works
  • Common Networking Services- DHCP, DNS, HTTP, SSH, FTP, LLDP, ICMP

18%    Networking Devices

  • Switches
  • Routers
  • Multilayer switches
  • AP
  • Wireless Router 
  • OOBM
  • Switch interfaces
  • Aruba OS-CX Network Operating System- CLI contexts, 
  • Show Commands
  • Basic config    

12%    L2 Switching

  • Compare and describe Collison and Broadcast domains
  • Describe L2 devices
  • Describe MAC address and ARP forwarding tables
  • Explain MAC table-based switching
  • Describe VLANs
  • Explain and avoid L2 loops

9%    Internetwork Communication

  • IP Addressing 
  • Default Gateway
  • IP Routing
  • Inter-VLAN routing process
  • IPv6 address describe

23%    WLAN Fundamentals 

  • 801.11 standards and amendments
  • RF Communications – RF signal propagation
  • RF Channels
  • Interference ACI & CCI
  • RF design basics
  • Antenna usage and fundamentals
  • RF transmit power levels
  • WLAN Mobility and Roaming
  • Management and control frames
  • 802.11 Header

9%    Deploying WLANs with Central

  • Network Device planes
  • Differentiate between local and server-based mgmt.
  • Aruba Central as a Cloud-Based Mgmt platform
  • Central requisites and communication to AP
  • Stages of the Central wizard to deploy a WLAN

View Online Aruba Certified Network Technician (ACNT) HPE3-U01 Free Questions

Which protocol performs name to IP resolution?
Answer: C

What do the digits in the ArubaOS-CX switch interface numbering represent?
Answer: C

What is the goal of the TCP three-way handshake?
A.To notify the destination who the originator is.
B.To acknowledge the reception of the segments.
C.To establish a reliable, flow-controlled connection.
D.To notify the number of segments that will be sent.
Answer: C

Which protocol provides frame delivery using physical addressing and error detection using frame check sequence?
A.Link Layer Discovery Protocol
D.User Datagram Protocol
Answer: A

What are valid configurable "Client VLAN Assignment" options for a Bridge-based WLAN in Aruba Central? (Select three.)
A.native VLAN
B.automatic VLAN
C.hybrid VLAN
D.static VLAN
Answer: D

Which statements are true about Access Points? (Select two.)
A.They use destination IP addresses to switch the packets.
B.They bridge wireless frames to the wired network.
C.They are used to interconnect wireless devices only.
D.They offer wireless connectivity to endpoints.
E.They only operate at Layer three of the OSI model.
Answer: A, D

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