Aruba Certified Mobility Associate HPE6-A70 Real Dumps

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To Pass the HPE6-A70 Aruba Certified Mobility Associate Exam, you need most updated exam preparation materials. PassQuestion offers you valid Aruba Certified Mobility Associate HPE6-A70 Real Dumps to better knowledge and strong your power along with HPE6-A70 exam questions for best preparation.The Aruba Certified Mobility Associate HPE6-A70 Real Dumps contain questions and answers from the syllabus of the HPE6-A70 Exam. These HPE6-A70 questions and answers cover all the topics of the Aruba Certified Mobility Associate Exam to help you understand the HPE6-A70 exam with ease. You are guaranteed to pass your HPE6-A70 exam successfully.

Aruba Certified Mobility Associate (ACMA)

This certification validates you have the foundational networking knowledge and skills required to design, set up and configure a basic Aruba Wireless Local Area Network (WLAN) utilizing the AOS8 operating system architecture and features.

Why earn this certification?

To position yourself as a trusted team member who can contribute to the design, deployment and management of the latest Aruba Mobile First Platform solutions
To validate you understand the fundamentals of building an Aruba Mobile First Platform
To advanced your career as a certified professional

This certification validates that you can:

Understand the Aruba Mobile First Platform based on the Aruba Mobility Conductor and Controller architecture
Configure secure WLAN features
Configure integrated firewalls
Describe and configure Controller and AP communications
Describe features of Dynamic RF management
Implement secure and guest networking solutions

Check Aruba Certified Mobility Associate (ACMA) HPE6-A70 Real Questions

A company has an Aruba solution. A network administrator wants to prevent wireless users from accessing shopping web sites with a bad reputation.
What should the administrator set up to deny such traffic?
A. an AppRF engine
B. application filters in the Traffic Analysis dashboard
C. firewall access control rules that specify HTTP and HTTPS services
D. firewall application rules
Answer: D

What is a key difference between an Aruba Air Monitor (AM) and an Aruba Spectrum Analyzer (SA)?
A. An AM detects threats such as rogue APs, while an SA analyzes RF conditions.
B. An AM detects rogue APs and provides data services to clients, while an SA only detects rogue APs.
C. An AM scans on only one 802.11 frequency band, while an SA scans on both 802.11 frequency bands.
D. An AM both detects wireless intrusion attempts and mitigates them, while an SA only detects wireless intrusion attempts.
Answer: A 

Which deployment option for Aruba Controllers is new to ArubaOS 8?
A. deployment as virtual appliances
B. deployment in standalone mode
C. deployment in master-local mode
D. deployment as branch office controller
Answer: A 

A network administrator wants to assign an authentication server group to the WPA2-Enterprise WLAN.
Which profile should the administrator modify?
A. Virtual AP
D. L2 Authentication
Answer: C 

An Aruba Mobility Master (MM)-based solution has a WLAN that uses WPA2-Enterprise security. A test login on a wireless client fails.
How can a network administrator determine whether the RADIUS server rejected the credentials or another issue occurred?
A. View Technical Support information for the MM.
B. Ping the IP address configured as the RADIUS server.
C. Use the MM AAA Server Test Diagnostic tool.
D. Use the tools in the MM Dashboard > Security window.
Answer: C 

A network administrator creates a user account on an Aruba Mobility Master (MM) with the guest-provisioning role.
Which task does this user have the rights to perform?
A. set up portal pages
B. create guest user accounts
C. monitor guest clients
D. create guest WLANs
Answer: B 

An Aruba solution runs ArubaOS 8 and uses a mobility master architecture.
Which feature can network administrators use to balance wireless devices across APs on different channels?
A. AirMatch
B. Client Match
C. AppRF
Answer: B

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