Appian Certified Senior Developer ACD200 Exam Questions

  Edina  02-24-2023

If you want to get certified as a Senior Developer in Appian and enhance your career prospects, you need to pass the ACD200 exam. The Senior Developer exam certifies your knowledge and skills in delivering scalable and high-performing Appian applications. PassQuestion newly cracked Appian Certified Senior Developer ACD200 Exam Questions that can help you prepare for the exam more effectively. These Appian Certified Senior Developer ACD200 Exam Questions are regularly updated to reflect the latest changes and trends in the Appian platform. You can trust them to provide you with the most relevant and accurate exam preparation materials available. With their help, you can prepare more effectively and increase your chances of success.

Exam Information

  • Exam Name: Appian Senior Developer
  • Requirement(s): Associate Developer certification
  • Number of items: 40 Items
  • Duration: 60 Minutes
  • Price: $200
  • Cut Score: 65%

Exam Objectives

Candidates should fully prepare for an exam using the objectives below as a checklist to identify possible gaps between knowledge and the skills measured by the exam. The relative weight illustrates the approximate size of each section. It is recommended that focused preparation should be in areas where any knowledge gaps are found.

Platform Maintenance (15%)

  • Troubleshoot applications using a variety of sources (i.e. logs, performance dashboards, administration console)
  • Perform technical review of application work
  • Configure the administration console

Relational Databases (15%)

  • Implement complex data models and maintain supporting objects (i.e. views, triggers, stored procedures, etc.)
  • Design data models implementing business data requirements and correctly document them

Application Design and Management (35%)

  • Implement development best practices
  • Deploy application artifacts from environment to environment (i.e. application objects, patches, SQL statements, etc.)
  • Read, translate and transform relational data within Appian
  • Construct an end-to-end application using a variety of objects
  • Convert business requirements into user stories leveraging Appian functionality
  • Follow user experience best practices

Advanced Object Usage (10%)

  • Create and configure simple connected system objects
  • Identify use cases and hazards of using a plug-in

Performance & Scalability (25%)

  • Design Appian components to be performant
  • Implement and monitor application data management strategies to keep a clean and performant environment
  • Identify and communicate user-facing performance concerns
  • Identify potential performance risks associated with server memory using Process Monitoring tab
  • Perform database load testing, configure automated testing tools, and provide recommendations based on results

View Online Appian Certified Senior Developer ACD200 Free Questions

1. Which user role should be used to allow external systems to invoke Appian web APIs?
A.Service Account
B.System Administrator
C.Application User
Answer: A

2. Your organization requires a process to be initiated via an Appian web API.
Which HTTP request methods should the API use?
Answer: C

3. You need to find a list of expression rules that are causing performance issues, or have caused performance issues in the last 30days.
What should you do?
A.Use the Monitoring tab to find rules with a low completion percentage.
B.Access the Rule Performance tab in the Administration Console.
C.Inspect the application server log.
D.Observe the runtime of all test cases.
Answer: B

4. You are tasked with configuring a process model to store the result of an expression rule for every item in a list.
Which process model design has the lowest memory footprint?
A.Run MNI over a script task for each item in the list.
B.Call a sub-process for each item in the list.
C.Configure a script task to use a!foreach to iterate over each item in the list.
D.Create a loop of smart service nodes in the process model and execute it for each item in the list.
Answer: C

5. You are troubleshooting slow response times on a SAIL interface.
What are two potential causes of the performance issues? (Choose two.)
A.Multiple rule inputs
B.Multiple a!save operations
C.Configuration of refresh variables
D.Stacked button layout
Answer: B, C

6. You are required to test a Related Action that updates record data. You need to make sure that the correct users can access the form and that the data is updating successfully.
Which is the most appropriate testing method to achieve this using Appian?
A.Unit Testing
B.User Interface (UI) Testing
C.Load Testing
D.Performance Testing
Answer: A

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