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  Edina  08-27-2021

Do you want to pass the ACA Developer Certification exam? You will get the best quality Alibaba ACA-Developer Practice Test Questions at PassQuestion for the preparation of your ACA Developer Certification exam. After using the well-organized and latest Alibaba ACA-Developer Practice Test Questions, you will understand the topics of the Alibaba ACA-Developer exam easily. The real and reliable PassQuestion Alibaba ACA-Developer Practice Test Questions will enable you to get through your ACA Developer Certification exam in just your first attempt without any problem. 

ACA Developer Certification Exam Introduction

Alibaba Developer Certification is designed for individuals who hold development positions and use Alibaba Cloud products to manage and maintain Alibaba Cloud-based applications. The certification exam content covers Alibaba Cloud-related product features and solutions, including containers, application monitoring, debugging, optimization, Alibaba Cloud function computing, and Alibaba Cloud product access control.

Exam Overview

Certification: ACA Developer Certification
Exam Duration: 90 Minutes
Exam Questions: 50 Questions
Test type:Enter exam platform to choose either the offline or online test.
Available Languages:English
Passing Score:60 (out of 100 points)
Attention 1:14 days are required between the taking of any two professional exams.
Attention 2:This exam is non-refundable.
Registration Fee:USD 120.00

Examination content and ratios

Deploy Applications to the Cloud 20%
Interact with other Cloud Services 30%
Monitoring, Debugging and Optimization 20%
Data Storage Planning and Replication 15%
Access Control 15%

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Which of the following programming languages are supported by the Alibaba Cloud SDK? (Choose 3)
E.Bash shell
Answer: A, C, D

Which of the following OSS tools are GUI-based? (Choose 2)
A.Web Console
B.ossf s
Answer: B, D

Which of the following database connection methods does ApsaraDB for Redis support? (Choose 2)
A.DMS (Data Management Service)
Answer: C, D

Alibaba Cloud Log Service is a Pay-As-You-Go service. The billing unit is 7 day, and the configuration can be adjusted at any time: fees are charged according to actual usage. Which of the following are the main charges for Log Service? (Choose 3)
A.Read and write traffic
B.Storage capacity
C.Index traffic after index configuration
D.Query analysis
Answer: A, B, C

Alibaba Cloud Link Tracing Analysis supports call link reporting based on the Open Tracing standard. Which of the following client types does link tracing support? (Choose 3)
Answer : A

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