Adobe Experience Manager Forms Architect AD0-E101 Real Questions

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AD0-E101 Adobe Experience Manager Forms Architect a popular Adobe Experience Manager certification test, you can get help from PassQuestion to prepare for your test with the latest AEM Forms Architect AD0-E101 Real Questions. PassQuestion AEM Forms Architect AD0-E101 Real Questions provide all the exam objectives to help you write your test easily, PassQuestion guarantees your passing of Adobe AD0-E101 exam at your first try. We regularly update the AEM Forms Architect AD0-E101 Real Questions making sure that the students always gain access to the most current product.

Exam Information

Exam number: AD0-E101
Exam name: Adobe Experience Manager Forms Architect Exam
Certificate level: Certified Master
Status: Active
Available languages: English
Number of questions: 52
Formats: Multiple choice and multiple select
Duration: 80 minutes
Delivery: Online proctored (requires camera access) or test center proctored
Passing mark: 73.08% or 550 using a scaled score format of 300 to 700
Price: $180 USD

Minimum Candidate Experience

At a minimum, the candidate seeking to become certified as an AEM Forms Architect should be able to:
Apply AEM Form services technologies to meet customer requirements
Identify where forms and documents technology fits within an overall customer solution
Define an enterprise-wide scalable forms and document solution (i.e., scoping)
Identify areas of risk within the overall general solution
Create migration strategies from legacy solutions
Identify technology gaps and make recommendations to meet customer requirements

Exam Objectives and Scope

Section 1: Discovery (27%)

Evaluate a scenario to identify gaps between client requirements and current capabilities.
Evaluate the assumptions to determine if it meets the goals and requirements.
Determine risks that may impact goals and requirements.

Section 2: Solution Design (55%)

Review environment to identify system components (e.g. system flow, data flow)
Evaluate a design to determine if it meets best practices
Troubleshoot the solution and its ability to meet the acceptance criteria
Troubleshoot the topology to ensure it is compliant with the security model

Section 3: Technical Oversight (18%)

Evaluate a solution to ensure it meets the design.
Describe how a solution is configured, deployed, and tested
Apply design level decisions about security to the solution

View Online Adobe Experience Manager Forms Architect Exam AD0-E101 Free Questions

1.How should an AEW forms architect test any OSGi module before deployment to an environment?
A. Use automated JUnit tests to test the OSGI module during the build phase.
B. Use automated Apache Sling Tests to test the OSGi module during the build phase.
C. Use automated Robot Framework to test theOSGi module during the build phase.
D. Use Git to Mftt the OSGi module during a commit.
Answer: B

2.A client notices that the JavaScript within an Adaptive Form is not minified. This configuration enables end users to read Ajaxinvocations and reverse engineer endpoint input parameters.
What should an AEM Architect recommend to prevent this from occurring?
A. Disable JavaScript in the browser to prevent JavaScript invocations.
B. Enable Debug in the HTML Library Manager to obfuscate the JavaScript.
C. Enable minification and GZip in the HTML Library Manager.
D. Make sure to remove/etc/ from the HTML Library Manager.
Answer: A

3.A set of users installs the AEM Forms Mobile application on their cell phones. These users access the application in rural areas with limited Internet connectivity. The users must connect to an Internet hot-spot daily. Users are asked to connect to the hot-spot regularly.
Why does the application ask the users to connect?
A. The phone is checking for updates to the mobile application.
B. The hotspot is disabled m the system settings.
C. The user cache is synchronized with the server.
D. The process data and attachments are synchronized.
Answer: C

4.A client has more than 1.000 unique users who access AEM Forms and AEM Sites daily. The client is considering using TarMK.
What recommendation should the Architect provide to the client?
A. RDBMK is a more viable solution because it can serve 1.000 unique users content without any problems.
B. Amazon S3 repository is optimized for AEM instances.
C. TarMK is a viable solution but requires environments where n is the thousandth number of users.
D. TarMK is optimized to render content tor users for a single AEM instance.
Answer: A

5.A client must create and maintain multi-lingual sites. The system must support and deliver 20.000 transactions per day and support six languages. The client wants to automate this process so that the sites can be translated easily without too much human intervention.
Which two benefits does AEM provide to help the client maintain multi-lingual sites? (Choose two.)
A. AEM's Translation Integration framework works only with the Microsoft Translator.
B. AEM's Translation Integration framework can beextended with a custom connector.
C. AEM ships Hath its own translation service out-the-box that can be used in conjunction with workflows for translations.
D. AEM provides connectors to a variety of translation vendors.
Answer: A,C

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