Adobe Campaign AD0-E302 Practice Test Questions

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Exam Information

Exam number: AD0-E302
Exam name: Adobe Campaign Standard Business Practitioner
Certificate level: Certified Expert
Status: Active
Available languages: English
Number of questions: 50
Formats: Multiple choice and multiple select
Duration: 90 minutes
Delivery: Online proctored (requires camera access) or test center proctored
Passing mark: 70% or 550 using a scaled score format of 300 to 700
Price: $180 USD

Exam Topics

Section 1: Campaign design and management (15%)

Interpret customer requirements
Outline, complete, and modify a campaign

Section 2: Delivery management (31%)

Apply the process to create a delivery
Determine the correct delivery configuration
Deploy a delivery and analyze results

Section 3: Workflow management (25%)

Design a new workflow based on business/campaign requirements
Build and execute both simple and complex workflows
Identify workflow errors

Section 4: Administration (12%)

Explain the relevance of the data model
Describe the relevance of the technical configurations
Build targeted audiences
Describe the process to build templates

Section 5: Using Email Designer (7%)

Identify Email Designer functionalities
Given a scenario, identify Email Designer functionalities to develop campaign content

Section 6: Using reports (10%)

Given a scenario, configure and out-of-the-box template
Describe the process to schedule and send a report

View Online Adobe Campaign Standard Business Practitioner AD0-E302 Free Questions

1.Why should a campaign business practitioner add a compliment to a split?
A. To analyze the order of the split selection
B. To analyze records remaining from the split
C. To analyze rejected records
D. To analyze content selected in the split
Answer: B

2.What is the benefit of using the direct mail delivery step instead of a data extraction step?
A. The delivery step allows for personalization
B. The delivery step logs data to contact history
C. The delivery step sends the file to the configured vendor.
D. The delivery step allows for a preview of the direct mail piece.
Answer: C

3.In a campaign workflow, how should a Business Practitioner ensure that Adobe Campaign retains data
between intermediate activities?
A. by selecting "Log SQL queries in the journal" option in the workflow properties
B. by displaying the target at each step in the workflow
C. by storing data passed between activities to temporary worktables
D. by selecting the "Keep the results of interim populations between two executions" option in the workflow properties
Answer: D

4.Which filtering dimension should a Practitioner use to identify responders in a cross-channel campaign?
A. tracking logs
B. exclusion logs
C. delivery logs
D. approval logs
Answer: A

5.A Practitioner’s team learns that Gmail has modified its spam filtering criteria.
How should the Practitioner use the client console to obtain the percentage of users that have been affected by this change?
A. use "Counters" within "Platform" selection in the Navigation hierarchy
B. use "Aggregates" functionality within Production – Objects created automatically
C. export the list of the recipients to Excel and create a formula to calculate the required percentage
D. filter the Recipient dataset based on emails that contain the string "gmail" and divide by total number of Recipients
Answer: D

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