Adobe Analytics Architect Master AD0-E207 Questions Replacement of AD0-E200

  Edina  11-11-2020

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AD0-E207 Exam Information

Exam number: AD0-E207
Exam name: Adobe Certified Master - Analytics Architect
Certificate level: Certified Master
Status: Active
Available languages: English
Number of questions: 50
Formats: Multiple choice and multiple select
Duration: 100 minutes
Delivery: Online proctored (requires camera access) or test center proctored
Passing mark: 66%
Price: $180 USD

The Candidate Ready to Take the Exam

At a minimum, the candidate seeking to become certified as an Analytics Architect has a minimum 3-4 years of experience designing Adobe Analytics architecture, data layer specifications, and tag management, as well as a basic understanding of JavaScript code. The candidate is responsible for translating business requirements into tracking specifications and Adobe Analytics variables.

AD0-E207 Exam Sections

Section 1: Discovery (18%)

  • Demonstrate ability to audit sites
  • Investigate client needs to build business requirements
  • Given a scenario, create measurement framework

Section 2: Solution Design (54%)

  • Translate business requirements into variables and metrics
  • Demonstrate ability to manage report suites settings
  • Given a scenario, recommend the best methods for collecting data
  • Write technical specifications for tagging engineers
  • Write technical specifications for site developers
  • Create Experience Cloud users/groups

Section 3: Post Implementation (28%)

  • Given a set of requirements, validate tracking through browser developer tools and Adobe reports
  • Apply procedural concepts to manage data extraction and relationships
  • Evaluate data privacy requirements to establish a data governance model
  • Given a scenario, manage data sources and connectors
  • Configure necessary segments and calculated metrics to answer business requirements

View Online Adobe Analytics Architect Master AD0-E207 Free Questions

1.Your client wants to rank link activity visual over layers and provide a dashboard of real-time analytics to monitor audience engagement of their web pages.
Which tool would you recommend to the client.
A. Activity Map
B. Adobe Report Builder
C. Analysis Workspace
D. Fallout Report
Answer: C

2.How many times can dimensions be broken down in an Analysis Workspaces panel?
A. 3
B. More than 5
C. 2
D. 5
Answer: B

3.What is the most granular way to extract data from Adobe Analysis?
A. Data Workhouse
B. Download Report
C. Data Feed
D. Analytics API
E. Report Builder
Answer: C

4.What are advantages of using a custom eVar over a custom sprop? Select two.
A. Data is processed quickly and available is report almost instantly
B. Persistence beyond one image request
C. Can be tied to success events
D. Can be used in pathing reports
E. Can be used for correlation reports
Answer: AD

5.What are the uses of processing Rules? Select three.
A. Add classification rules for props and eVars
B. Populate campaign with a query string parameter
C. Copy an eVar into a prop to see pathing
D. Clean up misspelled site sections
E. Read eVar Values from the product string
Answer: AD

6.Your client want to rank link activity using visual overlays and provide a dashboard of real-time analytics to monitor audience engagement of their web pages.
Which tool would you recommend to the client?
A. Activity map
B. Adobe Report Builder
C. Analysis Workspace
D. Fallout report
Answer: A

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