AEM Dev/Ops Engineer AD0-E106 Real Questions

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Adobe Experience Manager Dev/Ops Engineer AD0-E106 Exam is related to Adobe Certified Expert Certification. To help you pass AD0-E106 Adobe Experience Manager Dev/Ops Engineer Exam, PassQuestion new updated AEM Dev/Ops Engineer AD0-E106 Real Questions which cover exam topics tested in the real test. So if you practice well in our AD0-E106 questions and answers, we ensure you can pass your Adobe AD0-E106 exam successfully in your first time.

Exam Information

Exam number: AD0-E106
Exam name: Adobe Experience Manager Dev/Ops Engineer Exam
Certificate level: Certified Expert
Status: Active
Available languages: English, Japanese
Number of questions: 54
Formats: Multiple choice and multiple select
Duration: 108 minutes
Delivery: Online proctored (requires camera access) or test center proctored
Passing mark: 64.81% or 550 using a scaled score format of 300 to 700
Price: $180 USD

AD0-E106 Exam Topics

Section 1: Install and Configure AEM (24%)
Section 2: Troubleshoot AEM Environments (22%)
Section 3: Install and configure Dispatcher (13%)
Section 4: Build and Deployments (15%)
Section 5: Maintenance and Operations (26%)

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1.A DevOps Engineer has cloned an environment, and configurations must be adjusted for the environment to function correctly. Due to the cloning, the domain and IPs changed during the process.
Specifically for content activation, which two parts of the configurations must be altered? (Choose two.)
A. The user of the flush agents
B. The transport URI of the replication agents
C. The transport URI of the flush agents
D. The transport URI of the dispatcher configuration
E. The user of the static content agent
Answer: BC

2.An html page is published and is accessible through the dispatcher.
A client is trying to access the updated page but is not getting the updated content.
- A rule /type “allow” /glob “*.html” is present in the dispatcher /cache /rules configuration
- The HTTP header “Cache-Control: max-age=3600” is set for all requests with the html extension
- The /invalidate section is not set in the dispatcher configuration
- A flush agent is configured on the publish instance
- A CDN is serving all static content including html files and was flushed manually
Why does the content fail to update on the client side?
A. The file was cached on the client side in the browser cache.
B. There is no /invalidate section present in the dispatcher configuration to invalidate the updated content.
C. The flush occurred before the content was replicated because there are a lot of items in the queue.
D. The content is still cached in the dispatcher after the CDN flush.
Answer: C

3.After which maintenance processes can a datastore garbage collection achieve the most regain of disk space?
A. Re-index
B. Compaction
C. Version purge
D. Workflow purge
Answer: B

4.A DevOps Engineer configures a delay in the out of the box online backup.
What is the result of a delay that is too large?
A. Excessive reads of the repository occur.
B. The backup takes more than 24 hours.
C. The CPU usage is reduced too much.
D. Too many file writes occur.
Answer: B

5.A DevOps Engineer is configuring a non production deployment pipeline. The code quality is checked in the build pipeline. A security check is configured in the deployment pipeline to identify any major security issues before a production deployment.
Which other check should be executed before deployment to production?
A. A dispatcher invalidation rule check for replication functionality
B. An OSGi configuration validity check for the new release
C. A sling models validation check for the new release
D. A performance check for the actual release functionality
Answer: D

6.In what two ways can a DevOps Engineer install a content package? (Choose two.)
A. Store the content package in the crx-quickstart/install folder in the filesystem
B. Store the content package in the crx-quickstart/app folder in the filesystem
C. Use CRX Package Manager
D. Upload the package to /content/dam and start the InstallPackageWorkflow
E. Upload the package through the OSGi console
Answer: AC

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