AD0-E102 Practice Test Questions - Adobe Experience Manager Business Practitioner

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AD0-E102 Adobe Experience Manager Business Practitioner Exam is new available at Passquestion, you will get the latest Adobe AD0-E102 Practice Test Questions which are designed to provide the real practise needed to prepare for your EM Business Practitioner Exam and help you determine if you are ready to take the Adobe AD0-E102 exam.You are guaranteed to pass your AD0-E102 exam successfully on your first try.

Adobe AD0-E102 Exam Information - Adobe Experience Manager Business Practitioner

Exam name: AEM Business Practitioner Exam
Exam number: AD0-E102
Number of questions: 50
Time limit: 80 minutes
Format: multiple choice, multiple select
Language offered: English
Delivery: online proctored (requires camera access) or test center proctored
Passing score: All Adobe exams are reported on a scale of 300 to 700. The passing score for each
exam is 550. 
Exam price: $180 

AEM Business Practitioner Exam Target Audience

• Individuals in partner organizations and freelancers who perform an author or analyst job role for AEM
• Marketing specialists who know the features and capabilities needed to engage developers to define a
solution for business needs
• Customer Power Users or Product Owners

AEM Business Practitioner AD0-E102 Exam Content

Download Adobe AD0-E102 Practice Test Questions:

1.A company has an existing English language site for the Canadian market. It is planning to create a new site for the US market. 
While most of the control of the current site can be reused for the new site, how would you create the new site in the most efficient manner?
A. Create a live copy from the (ca/en) root to (us/en)
B. Duplicate the site root(ca/en), then move it to the new regional root
C. Copy the site root (ca/en) and paste it in the regional root (us/en)
D. Create a site (us/en) and define the redirect to (ca/en)
Answer: A

2.An author would like to display an AI-summarized version of an article.
Which method would you recommend to achieve this?
A. Create a variation of a master content fragment
B. Modify a component to display a shortened form of the article
C. Create a variation of an experience fragment
D. Implement a workflow to generate a summarized version
Answer: A

3.A company plans to develop a set of pages with the same design and structure. The only difference between the pages is the content inside the body.
What is the best approach to develop the pages?
A. Create a specific page template for each page with associated components in each body
B. Create a page template for all pages with a layout container in the body
C. Create a page template and put the rich-text (RTE) in the body
D. Use the out-of-the-box Reference component to allow freedom in context editing
Answer: B

4.When a user requests a cacheable document from the AEM Dispatcher, what will the Dispatcher check to access whether the document exists in the web server file system? Choose two.
A. If the document is not cached, the Dispatcher requests the document form the AEM instance
B. If the document is not cached, the Dispatcher returns a 404 error response
C. If the document is cached, the AEM Dispatcher returns the file from the CDN Cache
D. If the document is cached, the AEM Dispather requests the cached file after validation
Answer: AC

5.A client wishes to moderate communication between their customers and their in-house product experts, expecting a very large amount of user-generated data.
How can this be accomplished?
A. Enable reverse replication
B. Create a forum and Q&A site using AEM Communities
C. Implement a contact us page using AEM Forms
D. Conduct an outreach marketing event with Adobe Campaign
Answer: B

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