AD0-E712 Practice Test Questions - Adobe Commerce Business Practitioner Professional

  Edina  06-28-2023

If you want to validate your skills and knowledge in Adobe Commerce Business Practitioner Professional, the AD0-E712 exam is a great way to do so. PassQuestion recently released the latest AD0-E712 Practice Test Questions, which are an excellent resource for anyone preparing to take the AD0-E712 exam. The AD0-E712 Practice Test Questions provide a comprehensive review of the exam material and are designed to help you identify your strengths and weaknesses. With these AD0-E712 Practice Test Questions, you can gain a deeper understanding of the concepts and topics covered in the exam. Additionally, the AD0-E712 Practice Test Questions are regularly updated to stay in line with the latest exam changes, ensuring that you are always prepared with the most up-to-date and accurate information available.

AD0-E712 Exam Overview - Adobe Commerce Business Practitioner Professional

AD0-E712 Adobe Commerce Business Practitioner Professional exam is designed for professionals who want to validate their skills and knowledge in Adobe Commerce. This exam measures the candidate's ability to identify, configure, and manage Magento Open Source and Adobe Commerce features according to best practices. You should have a minimum of 0-12 months hands-on experience with Magento Open Source version 2.4.3 using the LUMA or BLANK theme and basic understanding of Adobe Commerce version 2.4.3.

Adobe Certification AD0-E712 Exam Information

Level: Professional (0-12 months' experience)
Passing Score: 30/50
Time: 100 mins
Delivery: Online proctored (requires camera access) or test center proctored
Available languages: English
Cost: $125 (global) / $95 (India)
Exam ID: AD0-E712

Adobe AD0-E712 Exam Sections

Section 1: Magento Open Source core feature (49%)

  • Identify the features of Magento Open Source
  • Distinguish the correct scope and when to use each
  • Demonstrate knowledge of Catalog Management
  • Manipulate pricing by using Magento Open Source features
  • Describe the standard customer journey
  • Describe the standard order lifecycle
  • Describe the day-to-day tasks involved in Store maintenance
  • Explain the different types of content elements and when to use

Section 2: Adobe Commerce basics (14%)

  • Identify the key features available in Adobe Commerce
  • Identify service Add-ons in Adobe Commerce
  • Identify hosting options for Adobe Commerce

Section 3: Digital marketing and eCommerce fundamentals (24%)

  • Identify the basic uses of Digital Marketing tools (Google Analytics/Adobe Analytics, Google Tag Manager, Email marketing, Segmentation, Social plugins)
  • Explain the basic principles of SEO
  • Identify the basic uses of common eCommerce tools (i.e., such as shopping feeds)
  • Identify the key features of an eCommerce website
  • Identify the basic eCommerce concepts (including storefront options)

Section 4: Compliance/security basics (13%)

  • Understand basics of compliance for privacy laws and payment security
  • Identify common security aspects of an Adobe Commerce project
  • Identify best practices and legal requirements of accessibility compliance

View Online Adobe Commerce Business Practitioner Professional AD0-E712 Free Questions

1. A Magento Open Source merchant would like to see what proportion of their website traffic comes from an organic search. Which two reporting tools would tell them that information? (Choose two.)
A.Magento Admin Panel Reports
B.Magento Advanced Reporting
C.Magento Business Intelligence
D.Google Analytics
Answer: C, D

2. A merchant asked the Business Practitioner to add the SML sitemap to the robots.txt file. How would the Business Practitioner achieve this?
A.Robots.txt always automatically crawl sitemap.xml.
B.Set 'Enable Submission to robots.txt' to 'Yes' in Store Configuration.
C.A third-party module must be installed.
Answer: B

3. Which two payment options are available in Adobe Commerce, but not in Magento Open Source? (Choose two.)
A.Store credit
B.Cash on delivery
C.Gift card
D.Credit Card
Answer: A, C

4. How would a Business Practitioner maintain the order grid, clearing it of older orders in Adobe Commerce for future retrieval?
A.It requires custom code or a third-party module
B.Change the order status to Archived
C.Use the Archive Order feature
Answer: C

5. When navigating to the store configuration on a Magento Open Source installation, B2B Features are not seen. What is the reason for this?
A.B2B is an optional feature that can only be installed on Adobe Commerce not on Magento Open Source.
B.The B2B license key needs to be downloaded from Adobe's website and configured in the Licenses section of store configuration.
C.B2B is powered by Adobe Sensei and needs to configure API Keys in the API Portal section of store configuration.
Answer: A

6. Which two Add-On features for Adobe Commerce use Adobe Sensei? (Choose two.)
A.Live Search
B.Product Recommendations
D.Advanced Reporting
Answer: A, B

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