AD0-E327 Practice Test Questions - Adobe Campaign Classic Business Practitioner

  Edina  03-25-2023

AD0-E327 certification exam is an essential step for professionals who want to validate their knowledge and skills in using Adobe Campaign Classic to create and execute marketing campaigns. PassQuestion AD0-E327 practice exam questions cover all the exam objectives and are based on the latest exam syllabus and increasing their chances of passing it on the first attempt. PassQuestion provides the latest AD0-E327 practice exam questions that help candidates assess their readiness for the certification exam. The AD0-E327 Practice Test Questions are designed to simulate the real exam environment and provide candidates with an idea of the type and difficulty of questions that will appear on the actual exam. 

Exam Information

  • Exam number: AD0-E327
  • Exam Name: Adobe Campaign Classic Business Practitioner
  • Certificate level: Certified Expert
  • Available languages: English
  • Number of questions: 50
  • Formats: Multiple choice and multiple select
  • Duration: 100 minutes
  • Delivery: Online proctored (requires camera access) or test center proctored
  • Passing mark: 32/50
  • Price: $225 USD / $150 USD (India)

AD0-E327 Exam Sections

Section 1: Campaign Management (20%)

  • Apply best practices to build a campaign
  • Given a scenario, determine the correct campaign template
  • Explain the importance of typologies
  • Describe target mappings
  • Explain how to configure web apps and web forms

Section 2: Workflow Management (22%)

  • Evaluate a given set of campaign requirements and recommend the course of action
  • Given a scenario, analyze workflow errors
  • Given a set of campaign requirements, determine the correct design of a marketing workflow
  • Apply recommended practices in executing workflows

Section 3: Data management (24%)

  • Explain the core concepts of relational databases
  • Determine the different sources of data that a workflow can access
  • Identify the correct method to export data
  • Given a scenario, determine the data investigation method to use
  • Apply best practices to create lists
  • Apply the steps to configure a predefined filter
  • Given a business requirement, identify the appropriate input form

Section 4: Delivery Management (14%)

  • Apply the steps to create/configure deliveries
  • Given a scenario, select and set up the appropriate proof audience for approvals
  • Analyze and interpret delivery audits

Section 5: Reporting (12%)

  • Given a scenario, determine the appropriate report(s) to generate
  • Interpret built-in reports
  • Explain the impact of logs cleanup/purge to reporting

Section 6: Administration (8%)

  • Given a scenario, explain the impact of logs purge to reports
  • Given business requirements, grant the right authorizations and access
  • Apply the steps to enable SFTP via the control panel

View Online Adobe Campaign Classic Business Practitioner AD0-E327 Free Questions

1. What happens when there are multiple reviewers assigned to a delivery approval job?
A.The approval job is complete once a reviewer has responded
B.Once all reviewers have responded, the approval job is completed by the Campaign Manager
C.The approval job is complete when all reviewers have responded
D.Once a reviewer has responded, the approval job is completed by the Campaign Manager
Answer: A

2. An Adobe Campaign business practitioner is working on a new product launch and wants to launch similar marketing campaigns over a period of 6 months targeting all the existing customers. The business practitioner has used the existing campaign template for the new campaign but certain jobs for the campaigns, like control groups, approvals, and seed address, are not seen in the template.
Where can the practitioner find the correct settings in the template to resolve this issue?
A.Control Population Option in Advanced campaign settings
B.Configuration Option in Advanced campaign settings
C.Job Execution Option in Advanced campaign settings
Answer: A

3. A workflow was returning unexpected results. The Operator used the pause functionality to put the workflow into a paused state to examine these results. They never cleared the pause state.
What two impacts will this have on the overall Campaign instance? (Choose two.)
A.It will increase the size of the database
B.It will make the workflow more efficient next time
C.It will stop further iterations of the workflow from running
D.It will leave any temporary tables in place
E.It will lock the workflow until it is restarted
Answer: A, C

4. An Adobe Campaign business practitioner is extracting data using a "Data Extraction" activity of a workflow.
What step should be taken to filter the final result of the aggregate for customers who have ordered more than 10 times?
A.Handle groupings (GROUP BY + HAVING)
B.Handle groupings (COMBINE + DEDUPE)
C.Handle groupings (UNION + SELECT)
Answer: A

5. A new sample file is needed for a Data Loading process with a new layout. A business practitioner has clicked "Auto-Detect Format."
What step should the business practitioner take?
A.Create a new Data Loading process and leave the original intact for future use
B.Verify the file format, specifically date formats that need to be set correctly
C.Load a file from the local machine to test the format
D.Move forward, Auto-Detect formats the file properly
Answer: B

6. A business practitioner is creating a workflow with a querying population of 100 records. At the end of the workflow, the email delivery has a success status of 98. When the business practitioner checks the delivery logs, there are 110 successfully delivered emails.
What is a reason for 110 successfully delivered emails?
A.The typology rules have not been applied correctly, therefore more people are contacted
B.The delivery contacted the querying population of the delivery more than once
C.The delivery logs are counting the email deliveries plus the proof deliveries
D.The delivery logs are counting the email deliveries plus the seed addresses
Answer: D

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