AD0-E318 Practice Test Questions - Adobe Campaign Classic Architect Master

  Edina  12-10-2022

To become Adobe Campaign Classic Architect Master certified, you must pass the Adobe AD0-E318 examination. PassQuestion provides the latest AD0-E318 Practice Test Questions so that you can easily get the highest marks in the Adobe AD0-E318 exam. We ensure that if you use our AD0-E318 Practice Test Questions you will be able to breeze through the AD0-E318 examination with excellent marks on the first try.  Make sure you study our AD0-E318 Practice Test Questions multiple times and then you can easily pass the Adobe Campaign Classic Architect Master AD0-E318 exam with good marks. 

AD0-E318 Exam Overview - Adobe Campaign Classic Architect Master

The Adobe Certified Master Adobe Campaign Classic Architect Exam has been designed to assess your knowledge skills and ability. The exam is rigorously developed and professionally administered in order to provide a highly respected Adobe technical credential. The exam is intended for candidates with broad experience in Adobe Campaign Classic as an Architect.

Exam Information

Exam number: AD0-E318
Exam Name: Adobe Campaign Classic Architect
Certificate level: Certified Master
Available languages: English
Number of questions: 50
Formats: Multiple choice and multiple select
Duration: 120 minutes
Delivery: Online proctored (requires camera access) or test center proctored
Passing mark: 30/50
Price: $225 USD / $150 USD (India)

Exam Sections

Section 1: Solution Definition (24%)

  • Given specific business requirements, determine the information relevant to solution design
  • Given a scenario, provide performance, infrastructure, and configuration recommendations
  • Analyze Campaign Classic set-ups to advise on improvements
  • Determine business requirements to design a digital marketing solution
  • Given a scenario, specify the correct product deployment method

Section 2: Data Landscaping (24%)

  • Specify the Data Model and integration map design parameters for a Campaign solution with other customer tools
  • Given a scenario, determine the solution design required to comply with laws and regulations
  • Given a scenario, determine the optimal technical workflow design

Section 3: Installation and Management (16%)

  • Given a set of key modules, validate the configuration of the module set-up
  • Given a scenario, recommend integration solutions to enable native and third-party integrations with Adobe Campaign Classic
  • Given a scenario, determine diagnostic methods
  • Specify integration parameters and approach for Adobe and non-Adobe application integrations
  • Given a scenario, advise on the appropriate hardware infrastructure needed during solution design
  • Given a scenario, determine the correct method for solution promotion to the respective environment

Section 4: Project Leadership (10%)

  • Given customer requirements, determine the appropriate activites and resources needed
  • Given a scenario, analyze the overall solution to determine technical risks, assumptions, issues and dependencies
  • Communicate technical ACC expertise to internal and external teams

Section 5: Customization (26%)

  • Analyze and design custom features
  • Analyze and design custom integrations
  • Determine the correct method to design complex campaign templates and workflows
  • Determine the correct method to design solutions using additional modules

View Online Adobe Campaign Classic Architect Master AD0-E318 Free Questions

1. A customer wants to display an offer on their website. Server by the unitary enginein Campaign aimed anunidentified visitors who browse a page.
The Architect needs to include response time of offers returned to the site, and scalability.
What should the Architect do?
A.Increase the disk space the Campaign instance to improve DB performance.
B.Create a new Campaign instance dedicated to serving outbound interactions
C.Increase the amount of memory in the existing instance of Campaign
D.Create a new instance of Campaign and local balance all of the processes
Answer: A

2. A customer launches a Campaign with multiple touch points. Some deliveries are stuck in Pending Personalization’’ for more than 3 hours. The recipient broad log records have not been created for these deliveries yet.
What should the Architect analyze to diagnose the cause of this issue?
A.Validate if the delivery is complex with many JavaScript personalization and whether the email size more than 60 kb
B.Validate if all images can be uploaded into public resources to fetch faster and if personalization blocks can be created in the delivery.
C.Validate if the number of recipient per delivery can be reduced to send multiple deliveries at the same time to spread the load on personalization.
D.Validate if the delivery can be paused and the MTA process restarted to clear the personalization cache and reuse the delivery.
Answer: C

3. A customer wants to include one of a set of personalized offers as part of order confirmation emails, triggered via an eCommerce application event.
Which two modules must the customer use?
B.Message Center
E.Campaign Optimization
Answer: B, D

4. A customer is deploying Adobe Campaign in an on-premise data center environment.
The customer wants to understand he optimal configuration for the Load balancer of the App and Web servers.
Which solution should be used?
A.Active/active configuration and active/passive configuration, with HTTPS terminated at the proxy respectively
B.Active/passive configuration and active/passive configuration, with HTTPS terminated at the proxy respectively
C.Active/active configuration and active/active configuration, with HTTPS terminated at the proxy respectively
D.Active/passive configuration and active/active configuration, with HTTPS terminated at the proxy respectively
Answer: D

5. A customer wants to track and report on the total cost of a postal campaign.
What should the Architect recommend?
A.Use the MRM module to configure a Delivery Outline
B.Use a Program entity and configure the costs per delivery tab.
C.Configure a unit cost value on the Delivery template using he Postal Delivery channel
D.Use the Budgeting feature within the MRM module
Answer: A

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