AD0-E313 Practice Test Questions - Adobe Campaign Classic Developer Certified Professional

  Edina  11-11-2021

Do you want to pass AD0-E313 Adobe Campaign Classic Developer Certified Professional exam? PassQuestion provides the latest AD0-E313 Practice Test Questions that guarantee 100% success in your Adobe AD0-E313 exam.It provides with the most important questions which have high chances of being asked in the exam and which cover almost all important topics and concepts required to clear this Adobe Campaign Classic Developer AD0-E313 exam.If you use PassQuestion AD0-E313 Practice Test Questions, we assure you that you will pass the Adobe AD0-E313 exam in your first attempt.

Exam Details

Exam number:  AD0-E313
Exam name: Adobe Campaign Classic Developer
Certificate level: Certified Professional
Available languages: English
Number of questions: 50
Formats: Multiple choice and multiple select
Duration: 120 minutes
Delivery: Online proctored (requires camera access) or test center proctored
Passing mark: 31/50
Price: $125 USD/$95 USD (India)

Minimum Candidate Experience

  • At a minimum, the candidate seeking to become certified as an Adobe Campaign Classic Developer - Certified Professional has
  • At least one year of Adobe Campaign Classic software experience
  • At least one year of combined experience in JavaScript programming, SQL development including ETL, and web technologies (XML, HTML and web services)
  • Basic understanding of marketing automation
  • Understanding relational database concepts

Exam Sections

  • Section 1: System configuration (27%)
  • Section 2: Customization (15%)
  • Section 3: Operational security (9%)
  • Section 4: Technical workflows (30%)
  • Section 5: Instance maintenance (4%)
  • Section 6: Campaign configuration (15%)

View Online Adobe Campaign Classic Developer Certified Professional AD0-E313 Free Questions

If a user is to receive email notifications regarding alerts from campaign workflows, which default operator group is required?
A.Workflow execution
B.Campaign managers
C.Delivery operators
D.Workflow supervisors

Client A would like the developer to create an Import workflow tor updating recipients. Each recipient row contains a flag which corresponds with add, delete or update the recipient
What are the five most common activities used for this type of workflow?
A.Data loading. Deduplication. Update data Query. Data transform
B.Enrichment Split. Deduplication Update data. Deployment
C.Data loading. Enrichment Split Deduplication. Update data
D.Data loading. Enrichment Split Deduplication Change Dimension

What configuration would allow a folder to display records that are physically stored in one or more folders of the same type?
A.Make this folder a system folder
B.Make this folder a view
C.Give the read data access right
D.Hide this folder from the lists

What operator group gives the developer access to the workflow Heatmap?
B.Campaign Supervisor
C.Workflow Supervisor
D.Campaign Manager

Which workflow manages the jobs for marketing campaigns and creates workflows related to recurring and periodic campaigns?

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