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AD0-E312 Exam Information

Exam number: AD0-E312
Exam name: Adobe Campaign Classic Developer
Certificate level: Certified Expert
Status: Active
Available languages: English
Number of questions: 50
Formats: Multiple choice and multiple select
Duration: 120 minutes
Delivery: Online proctored (requires camera access) or test center proctored
Passing mark: 62% or 38/50 [Please note: Percentage score would only be seen on older exam scores.]
Price: $180 USD

AD0-E312 Exam Objectives

Section 1: System configuration (11%)

Apply system-wide configuration settings and defaults
Given various parameters, select the appropriate Adobe Campaign feature to implement a use case
Troubleshoot system configuration settings
Implement custom configurations

Section 2: Customization (24%)

Given a set of requirements, apply best practices to design a data model
Describe the implementation of APIs in Campaign
Describe best practices for developing with JavaScript in Adobe Campaign
Apply JavaScript libraries in workflows, SOAP calls, typology rules and personalization blocks
Describe commonly used OOTB functions
Given a scenario, identify the use case against forms versus web app implementing
Implement a custom web app and complex forms
Describe best practices for using SQL functions in Adobe Campaign
Given a scenario, understand how to use SQL scripts in Adobe Campaign

Section 3: Access management (5%)

Given a scenario, configure security settings for an operator
Describe how to configure access management settings based on the solution design document
Describe how to configure single sign-on and LDAP integration
Describe access management at the Adobe Campaign instance level
Understand the limitations of data partitioning and when to use sysfilter

Section 4: Data integration (20%)

Given a scenario, select the best approach to integrate with external data sources
Implement best practices for workflow data processing
Apply data integration techniques within a workflow
Identify security and network settings to integrate with Adobe Campaign from an external system
Set up the CRUD process on a schema from outside of Adobe Campaign

Section 5: Instance management (14%)

Given a log entry from the monitoring console, identify possible causes
Understand and act on the Workflow heatmap
Demonstrate the process to create a custom workflow or report for instance monitoring
Identify problems based on system indicators
Explain the impact of services and processes on the system
Identify basic system audit metrics/checks

Section 6: Campaign configuration (25%)

Apply advanced personalization techniques
Configure and apply custom target mappings
Identify appropriate JavaScript usage in the Campaign workflow and why
Apply custom code to manipulate temp tables and workflow context
Validate and debug workflow logic
Apply advanced delivery settings
Describe workflow practices that have a negative impact on performance
Configure the Interaction module
Given a use case, recommend complex targeting workflow design

View Online Adobe Campaign Classic Developer Expert AD0-E312 Free Questions

A campaign target population is cut at 100 random records to receive a limited offer. When the Campaign developer goes to approve the targeting for the offer, only 90 records are available. Ten records have been removed by a required topology rule Less than 18 Years Old.
A Campaign developer must make sure exactly 100 records are selected and sent an offer while ensuring compliance.
How should the Campaign developer perform this task?
A. Change the execution order of the Less than 18 Years Old typology rule to execute later
B. Select 110 random records to account for the drop by the typology rule
C. Remove the Less than 18 Years Old rule from the typology defined in the delivery
D. Add a filter to the workflow to select only 18 years of age or older
Answer: C

A client wants to use Amazon Redshift to install Adobe Campaign in a hybrid AWS environment to hold all customer data.
Which step must be taken to utilize this type of data?
A. Adobe Campaign does NOT support Redshift.
B. Adobe Campaign tables must be created in the Redshift database.
C. ODBC Native SQL drivers must be installed to access a Redshift database.
D. FDA module must be installed to access a Redshift database.
Answer: B

A Campaign developer creates an alert notification with the variable vars.recCount.
What is the result?
A. The notification sends the total population count for all segments in the campaign.
B. The notification has the population count of the target going into the alert activity.
C. The notification has the number of recipient records in the database.
D. The notification is blank until the final target is approved for the workflow.
Answer: B

A Campaign developer is adding a schema to the existing data model.
Which step must be performed for the table to be used in Adobe Campaign queries?
A. Create a join in the schema to the Recipient table.
B. Match the schema name to the table name.
C. Create a primary key in the schema.
D. Create the schema in a new namespace.
Answer: D

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