AD0-E213 Practice Test Questions - Adobe Analytics Developer Professional Exam

  Edina  06-15-2022

How to start preparation for AD0-E213 Adobe Analytics Developer Professional Exam? You will get the relevant questions and answers from all the topics that are 100% valid to use for the AD0-E213 exam preparation. PassQuestion Adobe AD0-E213 Practice Test Questions are designed on the pattern of real exams that will definitely help you to pass the Adobe AD0-E213 exam on the first attempt. It will help you build confidence and you will be able to find out important tips to attempt your AD0-E213 exam. Make sure that you are focusing on the things that will help you improve your preparation level. You can clear Adobe AD0-E213 exam on the first attempt without going through any trouble.

Exam Details

Exam number: AD0-E213
Exam name: Adobe Analytics Developer
Certificate level: Certified Professional
Status: Active
Available languages: English
Number of questions: 50
Formats: Multiple choice and multiple select
Duration: 100 minutes
Delivery: Online proctored (requires camera access)
Passing mark: 30/50
Price: $125 USD / $95 USD (India)

Exam Section

Section 1: Analytics in the Adobe Experience Cloud Ecosystem (14%)

  • Identify features and capabilities of Adobe Experience Cloud ID
  • Identify uses for Adobe Launch
  • Identify how to enable / support Adobe Analytics tags in the Adobe Experience Cloud Ecosystem

Section 2: Analytics Strategy and Design Based on a Solution Design Reference (12%)

  • Given a Solution Design Reference, identify which data objects have to be populated
  • Given a part of a Tech Spec document, identify how to implement the data capture

Section 3: Analytics Implementation and Configuration (30%)

  • Identify the steps to deploy Adobe Analytics Code
  • Identify functions of minimal deployment code for Analytics tracking
  • Identify the steps to configure various components within Adobe Analytics UI
  • Identify functions of Adobe Analytics report suite and variable settings
  • Identify the characteristics of a data layer and data layer values
  • Identify App Measurement functions for tracking features such as link tracking and e-commerce tracking

Section 4: Tag Management Systems (18%)

  • Identify if requirements have been met using tag audits
  • Identify the steps to configure website tagging with Adobe Launch
  • Given a scenario, identify how to enable, modify, and troubleshoot extensions in Adobe Launch
  • Identify how to create rules and data elements

Section 5: Mobile Services and API (8%)

  • Identify the functions of Adobe Analytics API (data feed, warehouse, data sources, reports)
  • Identify the characteristics of processing rules and mobile services

Section 6: Testing, Validation, and Troubleshooting (18%)

  • Identify the meaning of common JavaScript errors
  • Identify the meaning of common Adobe Analytics variables errors
  • Given a scenario, identify testing and debugging validation best practices that should be followed
  • Identify how to track an Adobe Analytics server call across its lifecycle (i.e. from beacon request to showing up in the report)

View Online Adobe Analytics Developer Professional AD0-E213 Free Questions

Which of the following scenarios would justify the use of the feature "processing rules" in adobe analytics? Select all that apply.
A.Product manager has launched a new iOS/Android app and data is being captured in context variable. It needs to be mapped over to eVar/props
B.A product manager is looking to capture user agent in an eVar but doesn't want to request the release manager for another build in production
C.Product Marketing team has launched a new social media marketing campaign and would like to see campaign performance in last touch channel report
D.The page name for checkout is 'checkout'. Product manager would like to fix the historical values that have been captured so far in pages report
Answer : B, C

An analytics manager at XYZ company is looking to upload email campaign metadata and event data into Adobe Analytics so that he/she can monitor campaign and website performance together. Which Adobe Analytics API can the manager be advised to use? Select all that apply.
A.Report Suite API
B.Data Sources API
C.Events API
D.Classifications API
Answer : B, C

An analytics manager at XYZ company is looking to upload order conversions into Adwords so that he/she can optimize paid search campaign performance. Which Adobe Analytics API can the manager be advised to use?
A.Report Suite API
B.Reporting APIs
C.Data Sources API
Answer : A

Which type of data element is used in the Adobe Experience Platform to identify search terms on a retail website?
A.Query string parameter
B.JavaScript variable
Answer : A

An analytics developer is implementing tracking products variable and other eCommerce metrics on an eCommerce website. Which of the following would you suggest to be the correct way of initialising products variable.?
A.s.products = "Example category;Example product;1;event1=4.99|event2=5.99;3.50;eVart=Example merchandising value 1 |eVar2=Example merchandising value 2";
B.s.products = "Example category;Example product;l ;3.50;event1 =4.99|event2=5.99;eVar1 =Example merchandising value 1 |eVar2=Example merchandising value 2";
C.s.products = "Example category;Example product;! ;eVar1 =Example merchandising value 1 |eVar2=Example merchandising value 2*;event1 =4.99|event2=5.99;3.50

Which section of Adobe Launch rules configuration triggers the evaluation of rules?
Answer : D

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