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  Edina  11-18-2021

If you are going to appear for AD0-E121 Adobe Experience Manager Sites Business Practitioner Expert exam, PassQuestion offers the best AD0-E121 Practice Test Questions that you can utilize to prepare for the actual test. Our AD0-E121 Practice Test Questions are designed to follow the format of real exam questions.It will help you prepare in the shortest possible time, which will increase your confidence and reduce your nerves to perform well in the real exam.With the assistance of the AD0-E121 Practice Test Questions that we provide, you will be able to pass your Adobe AD0-E121 exam successfully.

AD0-E121 Exam Information

Exam number: AD0-E121
Exam name: Adobe Experience Manager Sites Business Practitioner
Certificate level: Certified Expert
Status: Active
Available languages: English / Japanese
Number of questions: 50
Formats: Multiple choice and multiple select
Duration: 100 minutes
Delivery: Online proctored (requires camera access) or test center proctored
Passing mark: 32/50
Price: $225 USD / $150 USD (India)

AD0-E121 Exam Sections

Section 1: Education (22%)

  • List relevant AEM features and capabilities
  • Recommend how to leverage AEM features to meet business needs
  • Apply procedural concepts necessary to conduct training for content editors

Section 2: Architecture (24%)

  • Recommend an Information Architecture to leverage AEM Standard Features to meet business needs using on-prem or Adobe hosted (Cloud) environment
  • Describe how AEM integrates with third-party services
  • Determine how to define roles and permissions
  • Describe caching approaches

Section 3: Business Analysis (38%)

  • Map standard modules of AEM to different business problems for the customer
  • Apply content management concepts for AEM modules
  • Identify typical project stakeholders
  • Apply procedural concepts necessary to support collaboration of all parties involved
  • Determine how to meet the core business goals while remaining within budget and/or scope
  • Determine how questions from developers should be answered with respect to the business goals

Section 4: Setup and Implementation (16%)

  • Determine how to configure and use content components to show best practices of AEM
  • Verify the correct implementation of features, and locate and describe occurring errors

View Online Adobe Experience Manager Sites Business Practitioner AD0-E121 Free Questions

How should a Business Practitioner integrate Adobe Sensei with AEM for Smart tag feature?
A.Use Smart Content Service configuration
B.Use Custom configuration to set up the Integration
C.Use Adobe Sensei configuration
D.Use Adobe launch to integrate Adobe Sensei
Answer: D

Which AEM feature provides support for content editing of single-page applications?
A.SPA Editor
B.SPA Blueprint
C.Fluid Experiences
D.AEM Assets
Answer: A

A company requests a new banner component that should conform to company design standards. Details on what the authoring dialog experience should be have not been provided.
Which two additional pieces of information should the Business Practitioner clarify for the developer? (Choose two.)
A.Content model
B.Selectable fields
C.Editable elements
D.Workflow model
Answer: AB

A customer wants to implement social media pixels directly on AEM templates What should the Business Practitioner recommend?
A.Use Adobe Hunch
B.Add an Adobe Analytics cloud configuration
C.Add an Adobe Target cloud configuration
D.Use Adobe AEM Contexthub
Answer: C

A content author receives a request to build a new page with content that includes images and layout that exists on other pages. The page must be built using the existing content.
What should the Business Practitioner recommend to meet this requirement?
A.Clone an experience fragment template
B.Leverage the content fragment reference component
C.Author the content directly on the page
D.Leverage the experience fragment reference component
Answer: B

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