ACP-520 Atlassian Cloud Organization Admin Certification Real Questions

  Edina  12-16-2023

The new Atlassian ACP-520 exam is a crucial requirement for obtaining the highly sought-after Atlassian Cloud Organization Admin Certification (ACP-OA). To ensure your success in this challenging exam, PassQuestion offers a comprehensive set of ACP-520 Atlassian Cloud Organization Admin Certification Real Questions for you to study. By thoroughly preparing with these latest and up-to-date ACP-520 Atlassian Cloud Organization Admin Certification Real Questions, you will greatly enhance your chances of successfully passing the ACP-520 exam and achieving your desired certification.

Atlassian Cloud Organization Admin Certification

The Atlassian Cloud Organization Admin certification aims to provide individuals with the necessary skills to effectively set up and manage Atlassian Cloud sites and products, ensuring optimal support for their organizations. By obtaining this certification, you can boost your professional confidence and distinguish yourself as an Atlassian Certified Organization Admin, setting yourself apart in your career. This certification equips you with the knowledge and expertise to efficiently handle various tasks and challenges that may arise in the management of Atlassian Cloud sites and products, making you a valuable asset to your organization.

This certification is intended for two main groups of individuals. The first group consists of those who already have practical experience as an Atlassian Org Admin in the admin hub at [] and seek to validate their knowledge and skills by obtaining the certification. The second group includes individuals who want to enhance their foundational understanding and skills in the admin hub for their current or future roles. While some of these individuals may already have some experience in managing users and groups, it is not a prerequisite.

Exam Information

Number of Questions: Up to 65
Duration: 180 minutes
Passing Score: 62%
Price: USD $100
Products covered: Admin Hub
Location: Proctored online (also available at testing centers)

Topics Area

Atlassian Organizations (35-45% of the exam)

  • Create an manage an organization
  • Manage multiple sites and products
  • Manage product access
  • Manage Access requests
  • Manage product subscriptions & billing

Users and Groups (25-35% of the exam)

  • Manage Users
  • Create and administer managed accounts
  • Manage Groups
  • Analyze and troubleshoot changes to users and groups

Admin Roles (10-15% of the exam)

  • Distinguish admin roles
  • Grant appropriate admin privileges

Advanced Features (15-20% of the exam)

  • Configure custom email addresses
  • Configure Premium features
  • Configure advanced features
  • Understand Atlassian Access

View Online Atlassian Cloud Organization Admin ACP-520 Free Questions

1. Your organization has a single site with a single product, Jira Software on the Standard subscription plan.
What two actions can you perform? (Choose two.)
A.Create a sandbox for Jira Software on the existing site.
B.Add Jira Software on the existing site.
C.Change Release Tracks for Jira Software on the existing site.
D.Add Jira Service Management on the existing site.
E.Create a sandbox for Jira Work Management on the existing site.
F.Add Jira Software on a new site.
Answer: D, F

2. Which statement is true about groups?
A.Groups can provide access to multiple products.
B.Groups can provide access to multiple organizations.
C.Groups must contain at least one member.
D.Groups must provide product access.
E.Groups can be suspended and deleted.
Answer: A

3. You just created a sandbox for Jira Service Management and copied data from production.
Which statement is definitely true?
A.Project admins from production can administer the same projects in the sandbox.
B.Attachments are downloadable from the sandbox.
C.Agents from production can log into the same projects in the sandbox.
D.Comments are visible in the sandbox.
E.Customers from production can log into the same portals in the sandbox.
Answer: A

4. Your company has a single Atlassian Cloud organization.
Atlassian Access discovered "shadow IT".
Which statement explains how this occurred?
A.One of your managed accounts created a product in another Cloud organization.
B.One of your users has multiple Atlassian IDs under different email addresses.
C.The same domain was verified under both Settings > Domains and Settings > Emails.
D.One of your groups provides default group access for multiple products.
E.A domain was verified both by your organization and another Cloud organization.
Answer: A

5. Which statement is false about Cloud organizations?
A.An organization can have multiple identical site names.
B.An organization can have multiple org admins.
C.An organization can have multiple sandboxes.
D.An organization can have the same product on different sites.
E.An organization can have different products on the same site.
Answer: A

6. You set Jira as the landing product on your site.
Bob is a new user and you granted him product access to Confluence only.
What will happen when Bob logs into the site for the first time?
A.Bob will see a landing page in a Confluence space.
B.Bob will be sent a new invitation link for Jira.
C.Bob will be prompted to request access to Jira.
D.Bob will see the default dashboard in Jira.
E.Bob will be added to the default access group for Jira automatically.
Answer: C

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