ACCA CIA Challenge IIA-ACCA Exam Questions

  Edina  06-24-2021

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IIA-ACCA ACCA CIA Challenge Exam Overview

As a member of the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA), take advantage of this rare opportunity to earn the Certified Internal Auditor (CIA) designation through an expedited process and join the over 165,000 CIAs who achieved this highly respected global certification. The challenge exam will include CIA content not already covered by the ACCA exam. In offering the challenge exam, The IIA continues to demonstrate the uniqueness of internal auditing as a profession and strengthens its strategic partnership with accounting bodies around the world. 

Exam Information

Comprised of 150 multiple choice questions based on the syllabi.
Based off the International Professional Practices Framework and Standards.
Expected to take at least three hours to complete.
Offered in English only.
Based off scaled scoring and a passing score of 600 is required out of 750 points.

Exam Syllabus

Essentials of Internal Auditing     35%
Practices of Internal Auditing     43%
Business Knowledge and Internal Auditing   22%

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For employees, the primary value of implementing job enrichment is which of the following?
A.Validation of the achievement of their goals and objectives.
B.Increased knowledge through the performance of additional tasks.
C.Support for personal growth and a meaningful work experience.
D.An increased opportunity to manage better the work done by their subordinates.
Answer : C

The board has requested that the internal audit activity be involved in all phases of the organization's outsourcing of its network management. During which of the following stages is the internal auditor most likely to verify that the organization's right-to-audit clause is drafted effectively?
A.Implementation and transition phase.
B.Monitoring and reporting phase
C.Decision-making and business-case phase.
D.Tendering and contracting phase.
Answer : D

Which of the following is a primary objective of the theory of constraints?
A.Full or near capacity in processes.
B.Smooth workflow among processes.
C.Few or no defects.
D.Lowered inventory levels.
Answer : A

Which of the following stages of contracting focuses on aligning the markets with objectives of the organization?
A.Initiation stage
B.Bidding stage
C.Development stage
D.Negotiation stage
Answer : D

Which of the following describes the most appropriate set of tests for auditing a workstation's logical access controls?
A.Review the list of people with access badges to the room containing the workstation and a log of those who accessed the room.
B.Review the password length, frequency of change, and list of users for the workstation's login process.
C.Review the list of people who attempted to access the workstation and failed, as well as error messages.
D.Review the passwords of those who attempted unsuccessfully to access the workstation and the log of their activity.
Answer : A

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