ACA Cloud Security Certification ACA-Sec1 Exam Questions

  Edina  08-06-2021

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ACA Cloud Security Certification

ACA Cloud Security Certification is designed for engineers who can use Alibaba Cloud Security products. It covers Alibaba Cloud's several security products like Server Guard, WAF, Anit-DDoS basic and Pro.The Alibaba – ACA Cloud Security Associate certification is intended for engineers who are able to use products from Alibaba Cloud Protection. 

Exam Details

Certification:ACA Cloud Security Certification
Exam Duration:90 Minutes
Exam Questions: 60 Questions
Test Type:Enter exam platform to choose either the offline or online test.
Available Languages:English
Exam Score:60 (out of 100 points)
Attention 1:14 days are required between the taking of any two professional exams.
Attention 2:This exam is non-refundable.
Registration Fee:USD 120.00

Exam Objectives

Networking on Cloud Security 30%
Servers on Cloud Security 30%
Application on Cloud Security 30%
General knowledge about Cloud Computing and Operating Systems 10%

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Which of the following statements about ECS, VPC, security groups are NOT true? (Choose 2 answers)
A.rule setting for security group supports both in and out direction configuration
B.default security group rule is safe enough, please don't change it too much default, ECS in different security group can communicate with each other ECS can be in several different security group
Answer: BC

Which of the following cloud services are the most common ones when we talk about different types of Cloud service? (Choose 3 answers)
Answer: ABC

Which of the following options can be considered as Physical environment security risks in IT infrastructure? (Choose 3 answers)
A.Room temperature
B.Data encryption
Answer: ACD

You configure a computer to act as a zombie set in order to attack a web server on a specific date.
What would this contaminated computer be part of?
A.The computer is part of a DDoS attack
B.The computer is part of a TCP/IP hijacking
C.The computer is part of a spoofing attack
D.The computer is part of a man-in-the-middle attack
Answer: A

A DoS attack that sends a flood of synchronization (SYN) requests and never sends the final acknowledgement (ACK) is typically known as which of the following?
B.Ping Flood
D.SYN flood
Answer: D

Which of the following can be termed as the Denial of Service Attack? 
A.A computer on your network has crashed
B.Your router is unable to find a destination outside of your network
C.Your Web server has gone into a loop trying to service a client request
D.You keyboard is no longer responding
Answer: C

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