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Adobe Audience Manager (AAM) Architect Exam is really a qualified exam that measures a specified degree of Adobe AD0-E452 exam capabilities. PassQuestion AAM Architect Exam AD0-E452 Real Questions cover all the topics for a candidate to prepare for this Adobe Certified Expert examination. Most of the people have found these AAM Architect Exam AD0-E452 Real Questions are very helpful and have cleared the AD0-E452 test with flying colors. You could go through each and every question and answer given in this format thoroughly and be confident about appearing in your final Adobe AD0-E452 exam.

AAM Architect AD0-E452 General Exam Information

• Exam name: AAM Architect Exam
• Exam number: AD0-E452
• Number of questions: 81
• Time limit: 135 minutes
• Format: multiple choice, multiple select
• Language offered: English
• Delivery: online proctored (requires camera access) or test center proctored
• Passing score: All Adobe exams are reported on a scale of 300 to 700. The passing score for each exam is 550. 
• Exam price: $180 

AAM Architect AD0-E452 Exam Target Audience

• 2 years of experience with Audience Manager
• 3 or more years of experience with data management platforms
• Experience with digital marketing technology stacks and various platform integrations
• Understands clients’ unique business requirements and can develop customized solutions

The AAM Architect Role

The AAM Architect should be ableto perform the following tasks without any assistance:
• Guide the configuration of the Experience Cloud ID service and Audience Manager libraries
• Implement, validate and troubleshoot the integration with complimentary systems to Audience Manager (e.g., analytics, personalization, CRM and media systems)
• Develop actionable solutions with Audience Manager data exports (e.g., CDF and ID syncs)
• Understand identity and profile management
• Ingesting data from various sources (e.g., CRM, web and mobile)

AAM Architect Exam AD0-E452 Topics

The tasks measured on the exam are grouped into the following domains:

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1.A large bank needs to develop the taxonomy to manage its assets in the Audience Manager given the following scenario:
- Collects site activity data from multiple websites set up for a respective Line of Business (LOB)
- Has extensive data available in CRM system on its current customers
- Tracks media in DMP (Display, Video, Search, Social, etc.)
- Has multiple teams and partners using the data available within Audience Manager for audience development
- Uses Audience Manager as a central platform to develop and activate audiences in owned and paid channels
Which recommendation should an architect make for Traits name taxonomy development?
A. Indicate the name of the segment using the Trait in segment development
B. Indicate the destination partner, signal, and name of source of data
C. Indicate the name of the segment using the Trait and the destination partner
D. Indicate the collection method, signal, and name of source of data
Answer: B

2.An architect is examining the network traffic on a client’s website to verify that server-side forwarding is working correctly.
What should the architect look for in the response to the Adobe Analytics call?
A. 2 × 2 image/gif
B. asynchronous iframe
C. “stuff”
Answer: B

3.A retail customer users Adobe Analytics, Audience Manager, and Experience Cloud ID service. 
For the launch of a new product, they want to capture and segment users based on the following data points:
1.Whether the user clicked the Homepage banner for the new product
2.Whether the user viewed the Product Detail Page for the new product
3.Whether the user added the new product to their cart
4.Whether the user completed a purchase of the new product
These data points will be used to build segments for the following use cases:
1.Re-target non-converters who showed interest in the product but did not convert
2.Next page site personalization for users who abandoned their cart
3.Instant suppression of recent converters
Which data collection method should the architect recommend?
B. Customer Attributes
C. Server-Side Forwarding
D. Shared Audiences
Answer: B

4.A Marketing Manager launches a Display campaign and needs to track what media creative visitors are seeing most often. The traits are set up properly, but do not show any data.
What is causing this issue?
A. The tag is missing the d_adsrc parameter.
B. The tag is missing the d_event parameter.
C. The tag is missing the d_adgroup parameter.
D. The tag is missing the d_placement parameter.
Answer: C

5.A client needs to send marketing emails using Adobe Campaign to all customers who have logged in to the website within the past 30 days but have only bought products at a retail store location. These customers are represented in AAM using the segment name of “1st Party: Recent Visitor – Retail Shoppers”.
Which identifier should an architect use to meet these requirements?
A. Declared ID
B. Experience Cloud ID
C. Profile ID
Answer: D

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