700-905 Practice Test Questions - Cisco HyperFlex for Systems Engineers Exam

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Are you planning to take 700-905 Cisco HyperFlex for Systems Engineers Exam? PassQuestion provides you the gateway to success in actual Cisco 700-905 Certification Exam. Studying through PassQuestion 700-905 Practice Test Questions gives you the confidence to face the real 700-905 certification test.We promise that we will do our best to help you pass the Cisco 700-905 exam successfully.

Cisco 700-905 Exam Career Benefits

The Cisco HyperFlex for Systems Engineers certification arms proficient with the essential abilities and learning which are important to introduce, design, work and investigate Cisco HyperFlex Systems in ventures. In the wake of passing the Cisco 700–905 exam, you will have the option to deal with weight and hazard related to the Cisco arrange to send in little, medium and enormous size associations.It generally covers a wide scope of conventions and innovations. This certification will assist you with learning how to introduce, design, work and investigate Cisco HyperFlex frameworks.

Cisco 700-905 Exam Details

Test Number: Cisco 700–905
Test Name: Cisco HyperFlex for Systems Engineers
Accessible Languages: English, Japanese
Register: Pearson VUE

Cisco 700-905 Exam Learning Objectives

This course is intended for Field Engineers, Technical Engineers, Business Process Engineers, and Solution Architects groups who bolster the Cisco stage. The learning destinations of Cisco HyperFlex for Systems Engineers are given beneath
1. Comprehension of Cisco HyperFlex Systems and its degree in associations
2. Create aptitudes for the usage of a specialized profound jump
3. Can comprehend the key differentiators
4. Structuring, arrangement and the board of HyperFlex Cluster
5. UCS chief and HypreFlex, aggressive investigation and investigating

View Online Cisco HyperFlex for Systems Engineers 700-905 Free Questions

1.What is the maximum number of cores supported in the Cisco UCS M5 server?
A. 28
B. 22
C. 12
D. 8
Answer: A

2.How many memory channels does the Cisco UCS M5 server support per CPU?
A. 1
B. 2
C. 6
D. 8
Answer: C

3.What is the maximum size of an HXDP cluster running 3.5.1?
A. 64 nodes
B. 8 nodes
C. 16 nodes
D. 32 nodes
Answer: A

4.With which three components must every HyperFlex cluster be equipped with in regard to disks? (Choose three.)
A. NVMe drives
B. there are no specific requirements
C. same type of cache drives
D. same type and size of capacity of drives
E. same number of capacity drives
F. SAS drives
Answer: C,D,E

5.Which two features enable RAID cards striping as well as mirroring and parity? (Choose two.)
A. Integration with Cisco Intersight for a cloud-based storage management solution.
B. No load on the system resources, drives seem as one drive to the operating system
C. On RAID card failure, the RAID onboard concurrent cache assists rebuild cache.
D. Hot replacement of drives available, depending on configuration
E. Distributed drives across disparate systems can be in RAID together.
Answer: B,D

6.A Controller Virtual Machine (CVM) is an Ubuntu Linux VM that lives outside the converged data platform on the housekeeping drive since it is involved in creating the convergence data platform Which two features tor CVMs are valid? (Choose two.)
A. creates hooks tor services related to third-party abstraction applications
B. does not perform caching, deduplication: and compression of data
C. an Ubuntu based VM running in the control space of each individual server, having linear access to the server's VMs and networking controls
D. needs network access to ESXi. other CVMs, and management network
E. is installed automatically by the HyperFlex installer, configured through the installer
Answer: D, E

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