700-765 Practice Test Questions - Cisco Security Architecture for System Engineers

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If you wish to pass 700-765 Cisco Security Architecture for System Engineers exam, then you definitely can study the latest Cisco 700-765 Practice Test Questions from PassQuestion. These 700-765 questions and answers enable you to pass Cisco 700-765 exam in your first try. With customizable Cisco 700-765 Practice Test Questions you can get a full understanding of your weak places of the Cisco Security Architecture for System Engineers exam preparation.

700-765 Exam Overview - Cisco Security Architecture for System Engineers

Cisco 700-765 exam is an assessment to judge the intelligence, skills, and confidence of a student. A Cisco Security Architecture for System Engineers exam is administrated in several ways, like on paper, computer, and verbally or in another way, where candidates show their skills efficiently.

Cisco 700-765 exam is one of the most promising certification exams in the Information Technology domain. One benefit that you could earn bypassing the 700-765 exam is that you will become a prominent candidate while applying for a specific job. Many big firms are concerned in hiring the Cisco Security Architecture for System Engineers certified professional and that makes the opportunities for the 700-765 exam students to enlighten their IT career.

General Guidelines For Cisco 700-765 Exam Content

20% Threat Landscape and Security Issues

Identify the role of digitization in cyber security
Identify key cyber security challenges
Identify causes of fragmented security
Identify security opportunities and obstacles

10% IoT Security

Identify IoT solutions critical to business
Identify the evolution of and need for IoT security
Identify how Cisco IoT Security solutions provide layered protection
Identify components of Cisco’s IoT security

10% Cisco Zero Trust

Identify the value of and drivers for trust-centric security
Identify the value of zero trust
Identify zero-trust solutions
Identify Cisco Zero Trust outcomes

20% Cisco Security Solutions Portfolio

Identify the requirements of modern network environments
Identify Cisco solutions for next generation network security
Identify the areas of next generation network security
Identify solutions for Web and Email Security
Identify the elements of DNS-Layer Security
Identify solutions for Cloud Security
Identify the elements of Cloud-Delivered Security

10% Network Security

Identify solutions for NGFW and NGIPS
Identify the elements of ASA
Identify features of Cisco Firepower Threat Defense
Identify features and management of Meraki MX

15% Visibility and Enforcement

Identify solutions for Visibility and Enforcement
Identify the elements of AnyConnect
Identify the elements of ISE
Identify the elements of TrustSec
Identify the elements of Duo

15% Advanced Threat

Identify solutions for Advanced Threat
Identify the elements of Advanced Malware Protection
Identify the elements of ThreatGrid
Identify the elements of Cognitive Intelligence
Identify the elements of Stealthwatch

View Online 700-765 Free Questions For Cisco Security Architecture for System Engineers

1.What is a key feature of Application Visibility and Control?
A. Automated remediation APIs
B. Retrospective security
C. Scalable policy inheritance
D. Control of protocol-hopping apps that evade traditional firewalls
Answer: D

2.What are two key Cisco loT use cases? (Choose two.)
A. Financial Institutions
B. Mobile Utilities
C. Industrial Security
D. Parks and Recreation
E. Connected Health
Answer: AC

3.Which two attack vectors are protected by Cloud Security? (Choose two.)
A. Endpoints
B. Web
C. Data Center
D. Cloud
E. Email
Answer: DE

4.In the Campus NGFW use case, which capability is provided by NGFW & NGIPS?
A. Flexible AAA Options
B. Identity Services Engine
C. Differentiated Mobile Access
D. High throughput maintained while still protecting domains against threats
Answer: D

5.What are two tenants of establishing an SD-perimeter? (Choose two.)
A. Securing device access
B. Securing app access
C. Securing user-device trust
D. Securing endpoints
E. Securing network access
Answer: BC

6.What are two capabilities of Cisco's NGFW Identity Based Policy Control feature? (Choose two.)
A. security enforced at the DNS layer
B. access to multiple data layers
C. access to Trojan downloader
D. see and share malware details
E. threats stopped from getting in and spreading
Answer: DE

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