5V0-34.19 Practice Test Questions - VMware vRealize Operations 7.5

  Edina  05-18-2020

To help you pass VMware vRealize Operations 7.5 5V0-34.19 Exam, PassQuestion provide you with a comprehensive VMware 5V0-34.19 Practice Test Questions which include real questions and answers to practice for your best preparation. All of these will help you to acquire a better knowledge, we are confident that you will through VMware Specialist - vRealize Operations 2020  Certification 5V0-34.19 exam easily.

VMware vRealize Operations 7.5 5V0-34.19 Details

5V0-34.19 exam tests a candidate's skills and abilities installing, configuring, and managing a VMware vRealize Operations 7.5 environment.The VMware vRealize Operations 7.5 exam (5V0-34.19) which leads to VMware vRealize Operations– Cloud Management Automation 2020 Skills badge or the VMware Specialist – vRealize Operations 2020 Specialist badge is a 50-item exam, with a passing score of 300 using a scaled method. Candidates are given an appointment time of 85 minutes, which includes five-minute seating time and adequate time to complete the exam for non-native English speakers. Actual exam time is 80 minutes.

VMware 5V0-34.19 Exam Objectives

Section 1 – Architecture and Technologies
Section 2 – Products and Solutions
Section 3 – Planning and Designing
Section 4 – Installing, Configuring, and Setup
Section 5 – Performance-tuning, Optimization, and Upgrades
Section 6 – Troubleshooting and Repairing
Section 7 – Administrative and Operational Tasks

View Online 5V0-34.19 Free Questions For VMware vRealize Operations 7.5 Exam

1.Which three Remote Check options are available with application monitoring? (Choose three.)
F. Telnet
Answer: ACD

2.Which two capacity planning models are used by vRealize Operations 7.5? (Choose two.)
A. usage
B. overcommit
C. consumed
D. allocation
E. demand
Answer: DE

3.What are Time Remaining utilization projections based on?
A. historical trends
B. future workloads
C. current utilization
D. what-if scenarios
Answer: B

4.Performance optimization moves virtual compute resources and file systems dynamically across datastore clusters within which space?
A. data centers
B. resource pools
C. networks
D. vCenters
Answer: A

5.What should an administrator enable to protect a vRealize Operations cluster against a single node failure?
A. application remote collector
B. remote data collector
C. replica node
D. additional master node
Answer: C

6.What is the maximum time period, from the current date, a What-If Analysis workload planning scenario can project?
A. 1 month
B. 3 months
C. 6 months
D. 1 year
Answer: D

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