500-560 Exam Questions - Cisco Networking: On-Premise and Cloud Solutions Exam

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500-560 Cisco Networking: On-Premise and Cloud Solutions Exam is a hot Cisco Certification test. PassQuestion new released Cisco 500-560 Exam Questions to help you best prepare for your test and ensure you can pass your Cisco 500-560 exam with confidence. You will find all Cisco 500-560 Exam Questions from real test so that you can feel easily to take your test. PassQuestion guarantees your 100% passing on your Cisco 500-560 exam in your first time.

500-560 Exam Description

This exam tests a candidate's knowledge of the skills needed by an engineer to understand the necessary information to support the express specialization networking business customer.

This exam covers Switching, Routing, Wireless, Cloud and Security solutions for engagements with smaller business customers.

500-560 Exam Objectives

The following topics are general guidelines for the content likely to be included on the exam. However, other related topics may also appear on any specific delivery of the exam. In order to better reflect the contents of the exam and for clarity purposes, the guidelines below may change at any time without notice.

15%  1.0  Switching Overview and Features

1.1  Understand the market for switching portfolio
1.2  Explain the switching product portfolio and the solutions it enables
1.3  Identify the tools and resources available for switching

15%  2.0  Routing Overview and Features

2.1  Understand the routing overview
2.2  Describe the routing product portfolio
2.3  Explain the routing positioning
2.4  Identify the tools and resources available

25%  3.0  Wireless Overview and Features

3.1   Identify Cisco’s products in the wireless market
3.2   Describe and explain the Cisco wireless product portfolio and positioning
3.3   Describe, explain, and identify Cisco Mobility Express, wireless LAN controller, and access points features
3.4   Define the features and benefits of Cisco DNA Spaces
3.5   Define the features and benefits of Cisco DNA Assurance

35%  4.0  Meraki Overview and Products

4.1    Describe Meraki MX product mix and solutions
4.2    Describe Meraki MS product mix and solutions
4.3    Describe Meraki MR product mix and solutions
4.4    Describe Meraki SM product mix and solutions
4.5    Describe Meraki MV product mix and solutions
4.6    Explain Meraki licensing, support, and warranty
4.7    Identify the Meraki sales cycle

10%  5.0  Security Overview and Features

5.1   Describe the Branch Threat Defense Umbrella
5.2   Explain threat-centric security approach and security architecture

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1.What is one of the key drivers of growing security threats in the market?
A. comprehensive security solutions
B. security solution fragmentation
C. increased demand for cybersecurity professionals
D. hardware with integrated security solution
Answer: B

2.What feature of the Catalyst 2960-L allows customers to get a small branch or office network running within minutes?
A. support for Cisco DNA center
B. on-box web interface for configuration
C. flexible deployments with Stackwise-160
D. complete CLI support
Answer: B

3.What is one typical need of a small branch?
A. multiple network services integrated into a single device
B. comprehensive subscription-based services
C. multiple devices for optimal flexibility
D. ability for users to access the majority of resources at off-site data storage
Answer: A

4.What is one advantage of Umbrella branch package?
A. prevent already-infected devices from connecting to command and control
B. prevent guest or corporate users from connecting to malicious domains and IP addresses
C. deploy the branch package on a Cisco ISR4K router in 4 easy steps
D. no client side configuration required
Answer: B

5.What is a key feature of the Meraki MV Dashboard?
A. drag and drop camera feeds to create video walls with up to 16 cameras per layout
B. bulk configuration changes and software updates
C. device security and location analytics in a single pane of glass
D. single pane of glass showing root cause analysis for all connected wireless clients
Answer: A

6.What is one way that Mx security appliances achieve automatic failover and high availability?
A. Always on (availability groups)
B. Redundant gateways (using HSRP)
C. Warm spare (using VRRP)
D. Survivable Remote Site Technology (SRST)
Answer: C

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