44202T Practice Test Questions - Avaya OneCloud UCaaS Sales Specialized Test

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Are you worried about your preparation for the 44202T Avaya OneCloud UCaaS Sales Specialized Test? PassQuestion offers you 44202T Practice Test Questions where you can test your skills for taking the Avaya 44202T exam. It will give you a real exam scenario to show you the format of the actual exam. These questions and answers cover all the topics of the Avaya 44202T Exam to help you understand the Avaya OneCloud UCaaS Sales Specialized Test with ease. If you learn all these 44202T Practice Test Questions, then you do not have to worry about your success in the 44202T exam. These 44202T Practice Test Questions are enough for you to pass the Avaya 44202T exam in one go with excellent marks.

Avaya OneCloud UCaaS Sales Specialized Test (44202T)

Earners issued with the Avaya Professional Sales Specialist for Avaya OneCloud UCaaS (APSS - 1102) credential demonstrated a basic-to-intermediary level of knowledge selling Avaya OneCloud UCaaS portfolio to Avaya customers. You should pass Avaya OneCloud UCaaS Sales Specialized Test (44202T) to qualify for your certification.

Why Businesses Choose Avaya OneCloud UCaaS

In addition to making remote work easy and boosting efficiency for distributed teams, OneCloud UCaaS optimizes business operations and supports peak performance in numerous ways. Here are just a few of the many reasons why all kinds of companies rely on this Avaya solution:
A single unified employee experience across all touchpoints
Flexible subscription options to accommodate your organization's specific requirements
Upgrades and new features delivered easily via the cloud
Cost savings compared to a traditional PBX due to lack of hardware installation, maintenance and so on

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What par to our Avaya One CloudTM portfolio enables our customers and partners to quickly integrate communications capabilities like voice, video, and messaging into their applications without building back-end in rastructure and inter aces?
A.Avaya One Cloud TMU UCaaS
B.Avaya One CloudTM Automation
C.Avaya One CloudTM CCaaS
D.Avaya One CloudTM CPaaS

You have a large customer that is not ready to completely shift to Cloud but would appreciate some of the benefits of a Cloud model.
Which deployment model do you think would be most appropriate for this customer?
A. Perpetual License
B. Avaya One CloudTM Private Cloud
C. Avaya One CloudTM Subscription
D. Avaya Call Management System

How would you best open a conversation with your customer around the capabilities of the Avaya OneCloudTM UCaaS portfolio?
A. Is your organization equipped with the right technical capabilities?
B. Tell me about the experiences you bring to your customers.
C. What are the biggest challenges you think your organization will ace next or both year?
D. How has your organization handled the hybrid work environment remote workers and those in the office?

When doing your discovery with a customer, what opportunities do you see?
Which are company situations that represent great opportunities for discussing the capabilities offered by Avaya One CloudTM UCaaS? (Select four.)
A. Managers are looking or away to ease collaboration across disparate teams
B. Tenured employees are invested in the company's legacy system
C. Management complains that multiple applications are cumbersome to integrate
D. A customer needs the ability to support a mobile work force
E. A customer is transitioning to a work from home model

Which are our target customers or Avaya One CloudTM UCaaS? (Select four.)
A. Looking to support a mobile work force
B. Is centrally located with 20 employees in the same building
C. Needs away to ease collaboration across disparate teams
D. Looking or a contact center solution that sits on top of their existing in rastructure
E. Transitioning to a work from home model

Which are the three major areas where we can help our customers by implementing Avaya One CloudTM UCaaS capabilities? (Select three.)
A. Unplanned, non-routine work
B. Team collaboration from anywhere
C. Downsized contact centers
D. Great employee experiences

The Avaya One CloudTM UCaaS portfolio offers three key pillars off core capabilities.
Which are those pillars? (Select three.)
A. Calling and messaging
B. Workstream collaboration
C. Resource development and allocation
D. Meetings and Conferencing

Which pillar of the Avaya One CloudTM UCaaS portfolio delivers persistent messaging and chat apps, as well as team collaboration virtual rooms or spaces?
A. Meetings and conferencing
B. Knowledge and insights
C. Calling and messaging
D. Immersive collaboration

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