2022 New HCIP-Access V2.5 H35-211_V2.5 Questions and Answers

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The latest HCIP-Access V2.5 H35-211_V2.5 Questions and Answers are new updated recently, it is collected from real test to help you pass your exam easily. Our HCIP-Access V2.5 H35-211_V2.5 Questions and Answers are updated timely and reviewed by IT experts for helping you pass the exam quickly and smoothly! Make sure you can practice our HCIP-Access V2.5 H35-211_V2.5 Questions and Answers multiple times to enable you pass your exam successfully. We guarantee you that if you are practicing our HCIP-Access V2.5 H35-211_V2.5 Questions and Answers then you will gain excellent scores in the real H35-211_V2.5 HCIP-Access V2.5 exam in just one try. 

Huawei HCIP-Access V2.5 Certification Exam

Hold an HCIP-Access certification prove you have the advanced knowledge and service understanding and application skills required for relevant work, and have the advanced knowledge required for the pre-sales and after-sales of Huawei access network products.It is recommended that you learn HCIA-Access in advance.

Certification: HCIP-Access
Exam Code: H35-211
Exam Name: HCIP-Access V2.5
Language: ENU/CHS
Exam Format: Single answer,Multiple answer,True-false question, Drag and drop item
Exam Cost: 300USD
Exam Duration: 90 mins
Pass Score/ Total Score: 600/1000

Exam Content Percentage

1. Networking protection 10%
2. VoIP Principles and Configuration 11%
3. Multicast Principles and Configuration 12%
4. QoS Basics 12%
5. PON Security Basics 12%
6. NMS service configuration 8%
7. POL&FTTx Planning and Design 22%
8. Typical Troubleshooting Cases 13%

HCIP-Access V2.5 Exam Knowledge Points

1. Networking protection

1.1 PON Networking Protection

2. VoIP Principles and Configuration

2.1 SIP Protocol and Application
2.2 H.248 Protocol and Application

3. Multicast Principles and Configuration

3.1 PON Multicast Principles and Implementation

4. QoS Basics

4.1 PON QoS Feature

5. PON Security Basics

5.1 PON System Security Protection Features

6. NMS service configuration

6.1 PON Network O&M on eSight
6.2 PON Network O&M on NCE (Access Domain)

7. Planning and design

7.1 POL Network Planning and Design
7.2 POL ODN Planning and Design
7.3 FTTx Network Planning and Design

8. Typical Troubleshooting

8.1 Typical Troubleshooting in Access Network

View Online HCIP-Access V2.5 H35-211_V2.5 Free Questions

1. Which of the following belongs to OLT uplink networking protection? (Multiple choice)
A. TYPE B protection
B. OLT Uplink Aggregation Protection
C. OLT uplink VRRP dual-homing protection
D. TYPE C protection
Answer: BC

2. In the FTTH VoIP service configuration, the status of the MG interface fails. Which of the following reasons is impossible?
A. Parameter configuration error
B. Downstream port failure
C. Upstream port failure
D. Network link failure
Answer: C

3. When configuring the multicast service on the OLT, the multicast VLAN program adopts the static configuration method. Which of the following options can be configured or not?
A. lgmp program
B. lgmp prof lle
C. servlce-port
D. igmp user
Answer: B

4. Which of the following protocol is used to manage multicast membership?
Answer: C

5. Which of the following is not a QOS service model?
A. Diffserv
B. Intserv
C. FIFO service
D. Best Effort
Answer: C

6. The ONT terminal under a PON port cannot be automatically discovered. Which of the following options is impossible?
A. PON port optical module failure
B. Gemport configuration error
C. The light attenuation caused by the optical path problem is too large
D. The PON port does not have the automatic discovery function turned on
Answer: B

7. In the FTTX network, which of the following principles is wrong when planning data for broadband services?
A. If the outer labels of different PON ports are different, the inner labels can be the same
B. The same PON port is marked with different outer labels for different services
C. If the outer labels of different PON ports are the same, the inner labels cannot be the same
D. The network management should use QinQ VLAN
Answer: D

8. Among the following options, which products are the information access points in the POL ODN network? (Multiple choice)
Answer: AB

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