2022 Coating Inspector Level 1 NACE-CIP1-001 Real Questions and Answers

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CIP Level 1 Certification

After successfully obtaining a CIP Level 1 Certification, the basic inspector has “entry-level” knowledge of all referenced competencies. They can perform basic non‚Äźdestructive inspections of liquid coatings applied by brush, roller, or spray to steel surfaces under the supervision of a level 2 or 3 inspector when working in a shop setting or a level 3 inspector when working in a field setting. To achieve the Coating Inspector Program Level 1 certification, you should pass the NACE-CIP1-001 exam successfully to get certified.

CIP and PCI programs Update Information

Current NACE Institute CIP and SSPC PCI card holders will be moved into the new AMPP CIP (Coatings Inspector Program) later this year. The program will have many of the same attributes as the CIP and PCI programs. As part of this combination, a descriptive naming convention will be adopted to help simplify communication to the industry:

Basic Coatings Inspector (formally Level 1)
Certified Coatings Inspector (formally Level 2)
Senior Certified Coatings Inspector (formally Level 3)

All current and active card holders will receive new certification digital badges and certificates in 2022, but the exact timing is not yet available. To receive your future AMPP CIP credential, you must maintain your current CIP or PCI certification using the current renewal processes. If you hold both CIP and PCI certifications, you will only need to pay for a single renewal but will need to complete requirements for each respective program until the new AMPP CIP program is launched. Once the new AMPP program is launched, you will only need to maintain that credential.

Requirement to apply Coating Inspector Program – Level 1 exam

Although specifically designed for coating inspector trainees, this program benefits anyone interested in gaining a better understanding of coatings application and inspection. Areas of focus include non-destructive inspections and documentation in a shop or field setting under direction of a level 2 or 3 inspector. This includes:
Program/project managers and engineers
Quality assurance/control managers
Contractors and specification writers
Coating manufacturers and technical sales representatives
Paint applicators and blasters
Maintenance personnel

Check The Latest Coating Inspector Program Level 1 NACE-CIP1-001 Free Questions

A successful coating inspector must be able to 
A. apply the coating with expert accuracy. 
B. look for problems or issues during application. 
C. advise the coating applicator on how to mix the coating. 
D. recommend the appropriate coating technique for the job to the contractor. 
Answer: B

You have just received your NACE CIP Level 1 certification when you are asked to supervise a team of uncertified field pipeline inspectors. 
Your FIRST preferred course of action is to: 
A. Accept the assignment without hesitation 
B. Advise the prospective employer that you cannot accept the position 
C. Meet with the prospective employer to determine the scope of your role 
D. Review the NACE Attestation prior to making a decision 
Answer: C

Which one of the following documents is the best source for coating technical data: 
A. Safety Data Sheet; 
B. Technical Data Sheet 
C. Application Guidelines 
D. Specification 
Answer: B

A NACE Coating Inspector is permitted to transport coating material when: 
A. Asked to do so by the Coating Application team 
B. Asked to do so by the Owner's Representative 
C. The Inspector should never transport coating material 
D. If the Inspector meets all the necessary requirements for Transportation of Dangerous Goods 
Answer: C

When working as a NACE Inspector in a situation where there is a difference of opinion, the Inspector needs to: 
A. Go with the majority opinion 
B. Never change his/her mind 
C. Achieve consensus through negotiation 
D. Call the supervisor 
Answer: D

As a NACE Coating Inspector your responsibility with respect to safety is to: 
A. Assume the role of the Safety Inspector 
B. Check the PPE used by the Applicators 
C. Act in accordance with the site safety requirements and set an example 
D. Check the credentials of the Safety Officer on site 
Answer: C

NACE Level 1 Inspectors have been trained to perform: 
A. All types of inspection 
B. Visual inspection and Non-destructive testing 
C. Visual inspection, Non-Destructive and Destructive testing 
D. Visual inspection only 
Answer: B

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