2020 New HCIP-Storage-CCSS V4.0 H13-622 Training Questions

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Want to pass H13-622 HCIP-Storage-CCSS V4.0 Exam? PassQuestion provides the latest HCIP-Storage-CCSS V4.0 H13-622 Training Questions which are the latest study materials for Huawei H13-622 exam. With PassQuestion newest and most authoritative H13-622 questions and answers you will pass HCIP-Storage-CCSS V4.0 H13-622 exam very easily especially at your first attempt! We guarantee that using our HCIP-Storage-CCSS V4.0 H13-622 Training Questions will adequately prepare you for your HCIP-Storage certification H13-622 exam. 

HCIP-Storage Certification Exam Overview

HCIP-Storage certification certified you master the knowledge and skills required for product technologies, plan and design, operation and maintenance, troubleshooting of Huawei Storage products. Be able to deploy and manage Huawei storage systems, as well as deploy and manage OceanStor backup system and OceanStor DR system.

You should master the knowledge of Huawei Converged storage and cloud storage product technologies, plan and design, deployment and management, maintenance and troubleshooting. OceanStor backup solution and OceanStor disaster recovery (DR) solution technologies, plan and design, deployment and management, operation and maintenance.

HCIP-Storage-CCSS V4.0 H13-622 Exam Knowledge Content

The HCIP-Storage-CCSS V4.0 exam covers OceanStor 9000 and FusionStorage product technologies. Such as: product software architecture, hardware architecture, basic and advanced features (Info series), Object storage service, network and capacity planning, hardware and software installation, maintenance and troubleshooting, FusionStorage operation guide, etc.

Knowledge Content
1.OceanStor 9000 product technical knowledge 35%
2.FusionStorage product technical knowledge 15%
3.Cloud storage network and capacity planning 20%
4.Cloud storage hardware and software installation 10%
5.Cloud Storage configuration and management 10%
6.Cloud storage system maintenance and troubleshooting 10%

View Online HCIP-Storage-CCSS V4.0 H13-622 Free Questions 

1.A client served by an OceanStor 9000 requires that if one channel fails, data can be transmitted over another channel without service interruption. To address this requirement, a necessary condition is that the client support SMB 3.0.
Answer: A

2.When the communication between MDC and OSD is interrupted or the OSD is faulty, the OSD exits the storage pool. Then the OSD out-of-service alarm is reported.
Which of the following are the possible causes of this fault? (Multiple Choice)

A. A storage network exception occurs.
B. The disk in the server that houses the OSD is faulty.
C. The NVDIMM in the server that houses the OSD is faulty.
D. The OSD software is abnormal.
Answer: ABCD

3.Based on full interconnection of data channels and communication channels, a clustered NAS system employs cluster volume management to manage storage space globally. All nodes in the cluster can access the same storage space using the same volume device name, ensuring block device access consistency.
Answer: A

4.A NAS storage system supports file system sharing, and the underlying protocol transmits data based on iSCSI.
Answer: B

5.Which of the following statements about multipart upload of object storage service are correct? (Multiple Choice)
A. The object storage service (compatible with Amazon S3 APIs) limits the size of a single uploaded object to 5 GB.
B. All uploaded parts are combined into one or more objects. The size of a combined object is not greater than 5 TB.
C. For a large object, or the object that needs to be uploaded for several times, you can use multipart upload to complete the upload.
D. After initiating a multipart upload task, you can cancel it.
Answer: ACD

6.Users of object storage service (compatible with OpenStack Swift APIs) are managed and authenticated by the Keystone server. Registering, creating, and deleting an account must also be performed on the Keystone server.
Answer: B

7.Which data protection levels can be configured for an OceanStor 9000 that consists of 10 nodes? (Multiple Choice)
B. 6+3
C. 6+4
D. 6+5
Answer: BC

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