2020 New Cisco 600-660 DCACIA Training Questions

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600-660 Implementing Cisco Application Centric Infrastructure – Advanced (DCACIA) exam is new available, you can get the latest Cisco 600-660 DCACIA Training Questions from PassQuestion to help you save lots of time and efforts on preparing for the exam and can help you sail through your exam with ease and high efficiency. PassQuestion will help you to find what you need in the 600-660 DCACIA exam and our 600-660 questions and answers must help you to obtain Cisco Certified Specialist - ACI Advanced Implementation certificate.

600-660 DCACIA Exam Description - Implementing Cisco Application Centric Infrastructure - Advanced

Implementing Cisco Application Centric Infrastructure – Advanced v1.0 (DCACIA 600-660) is a 90-minute exam associated with the Cisco Certified Specialist – ACI Advanced Implementation certification. This exam tests a candidate's advanced knowledge and skills of Cisco switches in ACI mode including configuration, implementation, management, and troubleshooting. 

General Guideline In 600-660 DCACIA Exam Content

1.0 ACI Packet Forwarding     20%

1.1 Describe packet forwarding between leafs (VxLAN)
1.2 Implement server NIC teaming with ACI
1.3 Implement endpoint learning optimizations (local/remote endpoint, limit IP subnet, enforce subnet check, IP dataplane leaning option in VRF, loop detection, and rogue EP)

2.0 Advanced ACI Policies and Integrations    25%

2.1 Implement Layer 3 out transit routing
2.2 Utilize common tenant
2.3 Implement VRF route leaking
2.4 Implement Layer 3 out VRF route leaking
2.5 Implement contracts (pcTag, global pcTab, contract priorities, taboo, and deny filter)
2.6 Implement Layer 4 through Layer 7 PBR (including use cases)

3.0 Multipod    20%

3.1 Implement IPN
3.2 Describe packet flow between pods
3.3 Describe firewall and load balancer design with multipod
3.4 Implement service graph with multipod

4.0 Multisite  20%

4.1 Implement Multi-Site Orchestrator
4.2 Implement ISN
4.3 Describe stretched component options
4.4 Describe communication across sites

5.0 Traditional network with ACI   15%

5.1 Describe network-centric and application-centric designs
5.2 Describe STP BPDU handling in ACI (FD-VNID and VLAN pool consideration)
5.3 Describe migration considerations

View Online Cisco Certified Specialist – ACI Advanced Implementation 600-660 Free Questions

1.Refer to the exhibit.

How is the ARP request from VM1 forwarded when VM2 is not learned in the Cisco ACI fabric?
A. Leaf 101 forwards the ARP request to one of the proxy VTEP spines.
B. POD1 spine responds to the ARP request after the POD1 COOP is updated with the VM2 location.
C. Leaf 101 encapsulates the ARP request into a multicast packet that is destined to
D. Leaf 101 switch consumers the ARP reply of VM2 to update the local endpoint table.
Answer: A

2.Which approach does Cisco ACI use to achieve multidestination packet forwarding between leaf switches in the same fabric?
A. Map VXLAN VTEP to the multicast group
B. Map VXLAN to PIM-SM protocol
C. Map VXLAN VNI to the multicast group
D. Map VXLAN to PIM-DM protocol
Answer: C

3.What does the VXLAN source port add to the overlay packet forwarding when it uses the hash of Layer 2, Layer 3, and Layer 4 headers of the inner packet?
B. TCP optimization
C. disabled fragmentation
D. jumbo frames
Answer: A

4.Which two actions are the Cisco best practices to configure NIC teaming load balancing for Cisco UCS B-Series blades that are connected to the Cisco ACI leaf switches? (Choose two.)
A. Create vPC+
B. Enable LACP active mode
C. Create PAgP
D. Create vPC
E. Enable MAC pinning
Answer: BE

5.An organization migrates its virtualized servers from a legacy environment to Cisco ACI. VM1 is incorrectly attached to PortGroup IT|3TierApp|Web.

Which action limits IP address learning in BD1?
A. Enable Enforce Subnet Check
B. Enable Rouge Endpoint Control
C. Enable GARP-based EP Move Detection Mode
D. Disable Remote EP Learn
Answer: C

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