1Y0-440 Practice Test Questions - Architecting a Citrix Networking Solution

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Want to pass 1Y0-440 Architecting a Citrix Networking Solution exam? Passquestion Citrix 1Y0-440 Practice Test Questions are designed to provide candidates with necessary information about the 1Y0-440 exam, including study resources and ways to interpret the exam objectives to better enable candidates to assess the types of questions that may be asked during the Architecting a Citrix Networking Solution exam.

1Y0-440 Exam Overview - Architecting a Citrix Networking Solution

The 1Y0-440 exam is focused on those topics that are most important for IT Professionals with extensive networking and Citrix ADC experience. This exam certifies that exam takers have the requisite knowledge and skills required for defining the overall structure or architecture of a Citrix networking environment. This exam covers advanced Citrix networking configurations and leading Citrix design principles.

Number of Questions: 64 questions
Duration: 150 minutes
Passing Score:  65%
Certification: CCE-N

Exam Topics Covered in 1Y0-440 Architecting a Citrix Networking Solution

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1.A Citrix Architect has deployed NetScaler Management and Analytics System (NMAS) to monitor a high availability pair of NetScaler VPX devices.
The architect needs to deploy automated configuration backup to meet the following requirements:
- The configuration backup file must be protected using a password.
- The configuration backup must be performed each day at 8:00 AM GMT.
- The configuration backup must also be performed if any changes are made in the ns.conf file.
- Once the transfer is successful, auto-delete the configuration file from the NMAS.
Which SNMP trap will trigger the configuration file backup?
A. netScalerConfigSave
B. sysTotSaveConfigs
C. netScalerConfigChange
D. sysconfigSave
Answer: A

2.A Citrix Architect can execute a configuration job using a DeployMasterConfiguration template on a NetScaler_________deployed_________. (Choose the correct option to complete sentence.)
A. CPX; as part of a high availability pair
B. CPX; as a stand alone device
C. SDX; with less than 6 partitions and dedicated management interface
D. MPX; as part of the cluster but Cluster IP is NOT configured
E. SDX; with no partitions as a stand alone device
Answer: C

3.Scenario: Based on a discussion between a Citrix Architect and a team of Workspacelab members, the MPX Logical layout for Workspacelab has been created across three (3) sites.
The requirements captured during the design discussion held for a NetScaler design project are as follows:
- Two (2) pairs of NetScaler MPX appliances deployed in the DMZ and internal network.
- High Availability will be accessible for each NetScaler MPX
- The external NetScaler MPX appliance will be deployed in multi-arm mode.
- The internal NetScaler MPX will be deployed in single-arm mode wherein it will be connected to Cisco ACI Fabric.
- All three (3) Workspacelab sites: Dc, NDR and DR, will have similar NetScaler configurations and design.
How many NetScaler MPX appliances should the architect deploy at each site to meet the design requirements above?
A. 4
B. 12
C. 6
D. 2
Answer: C

4.Scenario: A Citrix Architect needs to plan for a customer environment in which more than 10,000 users will need access. The networking infrastructure needs to be able to handle the expected usage.
Which business driver should be prioritized based on the customer’s requirement?
A. Increase flexibility
B. Enable mobile work styles
C. Simplify management
D. Increase Scalability
E. Reduce Costs
F. Increase Security
Answer: D

5.What can help a Citrix Architect prepare to discuss time scales and resource requirements?
A. Creating a high-level project plan.
B. Meeting with each member of the project team to assign tasks.
C. Designing the new environment.
D. Setting expectations with the project’s key stakeholders.
E. Identifying challenges associated with the project.
Answer: A

6.Which markup language can a Citrix use along with NITRO API to create a StyleBook?
Answer: D

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