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Exam Name: VMware Certified Professional 6 - Data Center Virtualization Delta

Updated: 2018-12-11

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Question No : 1

Which three services can be enabled/disabled in the Security Profile for an ESXi host? (Choose three.)
A. CIM Server
B. Single Sign-On
C. Direct Console UI
D. Syslog Server
E. vSphere Web Access
Answer: A,C,D

Question No : 2

In a vSphere High Availability cluster, what is the VM Monitoring I/O stats interval default value?
A. 60 seconds
B. 90 seconds
C. 120 seconds
D. 180 seconds
Answer: C

Question No : 3

Refer to the Exhibit.

Examine the esxtop command output shown in the Exhibit.
Which option would improve application performance for the SlowVM virtual machine?
A. Increase the number of vCPUs provided to SlowVM.
B. Decrease the number of vCPUs provided to SlowVM.
C. Move SlowVM to another ESXi host with more physical CPU resources available.
D. Increase the CPU limit assigned to SlowVM.
Answer: D

Question No : 4

When a Content Library is deleted, what happens to the files contained on the backing storage?
A. The files will be unchanged.
B. The files will be deleted.
C. The files will remain and be marked as orphaned.
D. The containing folder will be marked as orphaned.
Answer: B

Question No : 5

An administrator is creating a new Content Library. It will subscribe to another remote Content Library without authentication enabled. Optimal performance is desired for the configuration.
What two steps should be taken to set up the library? (Choose two.)
A. The Subscription URL should be provided.
B. The library should be published externally.
C. A file system should be used for this library.
D. A datastore should be used for this library.
Answer: A,D

Question No : 6

An administrator is experiencing network connectivity issues between virtual machines.
The virtual machines and hosts are configured as follows:
• VM1 is running on Host1
• VM2 is running on Host2
• Both Host1 and Host2 are attached to the vSphere Distributed Switch dvSwitch1
• Both Host1 and Host2 are using vmnic0 and vmnic1 on dvSwitch1
• Both virtual machines are using the default portgroup for network traffic
What are three settings the administrator should investigate while troubleshooting the connectivity issue? (Choose three.)
A. VLANs of the physical NICs
B. Failover order of the uplinks
C. Virtual NIC connectivity to the dvSwitch
D. Security policy of the portgroup
E. Traffic shaping on the portgroup
Answer: A,B,C

Question No : 7

What is the name of the command line utility that checks for VMFS5 metadata corruption?
A. vmkfstools --check
B. voma
C. vmfsanalyzer
D. esxcli vmfs check
Answer: B

Question No : 8

An administrator is upgrading an ESXi host from 5.5 to 6.0 and runs the following command:
esxcli software vib list --rebooting-image
What does this command show?
A. VIBs active after a reboot.
B. VIBs that require a reboot.
C. VIBs that are in the boot image.
D. VIBs that are third-party.
Answer: A

Question No : 9

Refer to the Exhibit.

An administrator reviews the Health of a virtual machine, as shown in the Exhibit.
Based on the exhibit, which three metrics can be used to determine the virtual machine's Workload characteristics? (Choose three.)
B. Memory
C. Network IO
D. Threads
E. vNUMA Stats
Answer: A,B,C

Question No : 10

What is the name of the High Availability agent log?
A. fdm.log
B. ha.log
C. vpxa.log
D. aam.log
Answer: A

Question No : 11

An administrator would like to use a passphrase for their ESXi 6.x hosts which has these characteristics:
• Minimum of 21 characters
• Minimum of 2 words
Which advanced options must be set to allow this passphrase configuration to be used?
A. retry=3 min=disabled, disabled, 7, 21, 7 passphrase=2
B. retry=3 min=disabled, disabled, 21, 7, 7 passphrase=2
C. retry=3 min=disabled, disabled, 2, 21, 7
D. retry=3 min=disabled, disabled, 21, 21, 2
Answer: B

Question No : 12

Refer to the Exhibit.

An administrator is using the esxtop command to troubleshoot storage performance issues on a virtual machine. The esxtop capture is shown in the Exhibit.
Based on the exhibit, which two statements are true? (Choose two.)
A. The iSCSI device is experiencing high latency.
B. The ESXi kernel is experiencing high latency.
C. The Guest OS is experiencing high latency and response time.
D. The NFS device is experiencing high latency.
Answer: A,C

Question No : 13

Which condition would cause a vCenter Server installation to fail when installing on a Windows virtual machine?
A. The virtual machine does not have at least four vCPUs.
B. The virtual machine is running Windows Server 2008.
C. The virtual machine has an E1000 network device.
D. The virtual machine does not have 16GB of RAM.
Answer: B

Question No : 14

Which two are valid Identity Sources when configuring vCenter Single Sign-On? (Choose two.)
A. Radius
D. LocalOS
Answer: C,D

Question No : 15

Which two settings are required for Virtual Machine Component Protection (VMCP) to protect from All Paths Down (APD) and Permanent Device Loss (PDL)? (Choose two.)
A. Host Monitoring
B. VM Restart Priority
C. Virtual machine Monitoring
D. Response for Host Isolation
Answer: A,B

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