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Exam Name: Applying Aruba Switching Fundamentals for Mobility

Updated: 2021-03-05

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Question No : 1

Refer to the Exhibit:

Exhibit 2 shows the IP routine tables for all the switches after the link between Switch-4 and Switch-2 failed '//'hen This link fails traffic between 10 1 3 0/24 and is disrupted
What should the network administrator do to ensure that this traffic continues to flow if this link fails in the future? (Assume that routes on Switch-1 and Switch-3 are correct.)
A. Add a route to through 10.1.3 1 on Switch-4.
B. Add a route to through on Switch-2.
C. Add a route to through on Switch-2
D. Add a route to 10.1.2 0/24 through on Switch-4.
Answer: C

Question No : 2

Refer to the Exhibit:

Based on this ArubaOS switch output, what can a network administrator determine about the spanning tree topology?
A. Port 2 is an edge port
B. Port 3 will become the root port if the current root port becomes unavailable.
C. Switch-C is the root bridge of the topology.
D. Trk1 offers the lowest cost path to the common spanning tree root.
Answer: D

Question No : 3

What is one reason to configure a dynamic LACP link aggregation instead of a static link aggregation?
A. so that the link aggregation automatically chooses its operational key
B. so that the link aggregation can detect the system ID and operational key on the other side of each link
C. so that the link aggregation can automatically change a passive LACP interface to active mode
D. so that the link aggregation can include more interfaces with some interfaces on standby
Answer: D

Question No : 4

A network administrator suspects that interfaces in a link aggregation have been accidentally connected to multiple switches. The administrator wants to find the hostnames of the switches on the other side of the interfaces.
How can the administrator find this information?
A. Use the show lace command to view LACP information.
B. Use the show trunks command to view link aggregation information.
C. Use the show interface command to view detailed interface status.
D. Use the show lldp info remote-device command to view LLDP information.
Answer: D

Question No : 5

Refer to the Exhibit:

What is the result of this configuration?
A. The switch only adds the last static route entry to the routing table
B. All four routes are added to the routing table, but are never used.
C. The switch load shares connections across the four static next hops.
D. The switch only adds the last two static route entries to the routing table.
Answer: C

Question No : 6

Refer to the Exhibit:

All switches are ArubaOS switches that currently have the default spanning tree priority. Switch-1 should be the root of the spanning tree If Switch-1 fails. Switch-2 should become root
Which configuration for spanning tree priorities ensures this behavior?
A. priority 15 on Switch-1 and priority 14 on Switch-2
B. priority 0 on Switch-1 and priority 15 on Switch-2
C. priority 0 on Switch-1 and priority 1 on Switch-2
D. priority 15 on Switch-1 and priority 9 on Switch-2
Answer: C

Question No : 7

A company has a cluster of Aruba Instant APs (IAPs). The company wants to add a new IAP to the cluster.
What should network administrators ensure before they connect the new IAP?
A. that the new IAP has been provisioned with an IP address and the IP address of the cluster virtual controller (VC)
B. that the switch port for the AP is untagged for the same VLAN as the current cluster
C. that Aruba Activate is configured with provisioning rules for the IAP
D. that the DHCP server has the correct options 60 and 43
Answer: B

Question No : 8

An ArubaOs switch has no passwords configured on it.
The network administrator then enters these commands:
Switch(config)# password cperator user-name admin1 plaintext mysecret1
Switch(config)# password manager user-name admin2 plaintext mysecret2
What is one task that the admin 1 user can log in to the switch and complete?
A. Mew interface status and statistics.
B. Back up a configuration.
C. Mew configuration files.
D. Enable an interface.
Answer: A

Question No : 9

A network has ArubaOS switches and an Aruba Instant cluster with IP addresses on
The network administrator wants to manage the devices in Aruba AirWave. The administrator uses the SNMP credentials configured on the switches to create a scan set for The scan discovers the switches but not the Instant cluster.
What should the administrator do to discover the cluster in AirWave?
A. Re-configure the scan set to use the Aruba Instant default SNMPv3 user admin
B. Configure SNMP credentials in the Instant UI.
C. Specify the AirWave IP address in the Instant UI System> Admin settings.
D. Install the Instant cluster self-signed certificate on AirWave.
Answer: C

Question No : 10

Refer to the Exhibit:

After the administrator enters this command, packets arrive that are destined for and
What does the switch do with this traffic?
A. It forwards all of the traffic to
B. It load balances some of the traffic and some to
C. It forwards all of the traffic to
D. It drops the traffic.
Answer: B

Question No : 11

Refer to the Exhibit:

How can the network administrator find the interface that Switch-3 uses to forward traffic from the Client to the Server?
A. View the MAC forwarding table.
B. View the LLDP remote devices list.
C. View the IP routing table.
D. View the ARP table.
Answer: A

Question No : 12

On an ArubaOS switch, what is the difference between an SNMPv2c community with manager unrestricted rights and an SNMPv2 community with operator unrestricted rights?
A. The manager unrestricted community has read-write access to all managed objects on the switch; the operator unrestricted community has read-write access to some objects but not to any Config objects.
B. The manager unrestricted community uses the Telnet/SSH password assigned to the manager to authenticate SNMP servers: the operator unrestricted community uses the Telnet/SSH password assigned to the operator.
C. The manager unrestricted community has read-write access to the switch, but the operator unrestricted community has read-only access.
D. The manager unrestricted community uses encryption, but the operator unrestricted community uses plaintext communication
Answer: A

Question No : 13

Refer to the Exhibit:

The switches in the exhibit use RSTP. The network administrator needs to add Link 2.
Why should the administrator configure Links 1 and 2 as a link aggregation?
A. to combine traffic statistics for the interfaces
B. to prevent a loop from occurring
C. to share traffic more evenly over both links
D. to automatically apply the settings already configured for Link 1 to Link 2
Answer: C

Question No : 14

A network administrator manages an ArubaOS switch through the CLI The administrator needs to configure an untagged VLAN assignment on a range of interfaces.
How should the administrator enter the untagged command to complete this configuration?
A. Create a manual, named interface range Then access the context for the range and specify the VLAN ID with the untagged command.
B. Access the context for a range of interfaces and specify the VLAN ID with the untagged command
C. Access the individual context for each of the interfaces and specify the VLAN ID with the untagged command
D. Access the VLAN context and specify a range of interfaces with the untagged command.
Answer: A
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