H19-350-ENU Questions And Answers


Exam Name: Huawei Certified Pre-sales Specialist-IP Network(Security)-CHS

Updated: 2022-07-02

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Question No : 1

Which of the following statement is wrong?
A. USG6320 plus lug can be used for rack
B. NGFW completely covers the traditional firewall application scenarios
C. Application access control is the core function of NGFW
D. USG6320 can do the interface expansion
Answer: D

Question No : 2

What are the main advantages of NIP and domestic friend competition? (Multiple choice)
A. signature library high opening rate
B. keep the test performance in a large flow scene stable
C. Application of DDOS attack detection capability
D. Configuration is simple
Answer: ABCD

Question No : 3

Huawei NGFW / IPS card the front panel GE interface can be used as the service interface of the switch.
Answer: B

Question No : 4

The usage scenario of NGFW and UTM are completely same.
Answer: B

Question No : 5

What is NIP6610IPS throughput?
A. 500Mbit/s
B. 600Mbit/s
C. 1Gbit/s
D. 2Gbit/s
Answer: A

Question No : 6

The main highlight of NIP is: (Multiple Choice)
A. You can detect and block attacks without any configuration
B. Zero false positives
C. Stable performance is measured under the heavy traffic
D. Vulnerability-based signature library
Answer: ABC

Question No : 7

What does the NIP's offer configuration mainly include? (Multiple choice)
A. Host chassis configuration
B. Basic Knowledge Base and Antivirus Knowledge Base upgrade LICENSE configuration
C. board
D. IPS function LICENSE
Answer: ABC

Question No : 8

What's the number of applications and protocols that NIP identifies?
A. 800+
B. 1000+
C. 1200+
D. 6000+
Answer: D

Question No : 9

Huawei AntiDDoS can defend against IPv6 attacks.
Answer: A

Question No : 10

What are the characteristics of differences between the Huawei USG6000 series and other manufacturers' NGFW? (Multiple Choice £©
A. The most accurate access control: 6-dimensional control perspective, the industry's largest 6000+ application identification
B. The simplest security management: exclusive intelligent management technology, according to traffic automatically optimize the security strategy, TCO reduced by 30%
C. Maximum safety performance: up to 20G full threat protection performance
D. The most comprehensive security protection: independent devices integrated IPS, AV, DLP, Anti-DDoS and many other security features. Preventing Zero-day Attack Based on Cloud Sandbox and Reputation System.
Answer: ABCD

Question No : 11

NIP software LICENSE includs (Multiple Choice)
A. IP function to turn on LICENSE
B. IP Knowledge Base Upgrade LICENSE
C. WEB attack protection function to turn on LICENSE
D. AV Knowledge Base upgrade
Answer: BD

Question No : 12

TOPSEC AV library is self-research, DPI library is non-self-research.
Answer: B

Question No : 13

What is the difference between NGFW and traditional FW?
A. The control ablility is much stronger and it can access and control based on the application and user
B. the protection range is much greater, deeply integrates IPS
C. After opening IPS and other security features, the performance can still meet the needs of large enterprise applications
D. have more intelligence than traditional FW.
Answer: ABCD

Question No : 14

What does the best use of NGFW principles include?
A. Based on application control
B. Whitelist mode
C. Blacklist mode
D. Minimum authorization principle
Answer: ABD

Question No : 15

How long will the safety capability center update the customer side Huawei security equipment?
A. update once half week, major events are updated immediately
B. Updated once a week, major events are updated instantly
C. Updated once every two weeks, major events are updated immediately
D. update once 1 month, major events are updated immediately
Answer: B

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