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Updated: 2022-05-24

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Question No : 1

Configure a task: plan to run echo "file" command at 14:23 every day.
(a) Created as administrator
# crontab -u natasha -e 2
3 14 * * * /bin/echo "file"
(b)Created as natasha
# su - natasha
$ crontab -e
23 14 * * * /bin/echo "file"

Question No : 2

Configure the system synchronous as
Graphical Interfaces:
System-->Administration-->Date & Time
# system-config-date

Question No : 3

Add user: user1, set uid=601
Password: redhat
The user's login shell should be non-interactive.
# useradd -u 601 -s /sbin/nologin user1
# passwd user1

Question No : 4

Add 3 users: harry, natasha, tom.
The requirements: The Additional group of the two users: harry, Natasha is the admin group. The user: tom's login shell should be non-interactive.
# useradd -G admin harry
# useradd -G admin natasha
# useradd -s /sbin/nologin tom
# id harry;id Natasha (Show additional group)
# cat /etc/passwd
(Show the login shell)
# system-config-users

Question No : 5

Create a volume group, and set 16M as a extends. And divided a volume group containing 50 extends on volume group lv, make it as ext4 file system, and mounted automatically under /mnt/data.
# pvcreate /dev/sda7 /dev/sda8
# vgcreate -s 16M vg1 /dev/sda7 /dev/sda8
# lvcreate -l 50 -n lvm02
# mkfs.ext4 /dev/vg1/lvm02
# blkid /dev/vg1/lv1
# vim /etc/fstab
# mkdir -p /mnt/data
UUID=xxxxxxxx /mnt/data ext4 defaults 0 0
# vim /etc/fstab
# mount -a
# mount

Question No : 6

Upgrading the kernel as, and configure the system to Start the default kernel, keep the old kernel available.
# cat /etc/grub.conf
# cd /boot
# lftp it
# get dr/dom/kernel-xxxx.rpm
# rpm -ivh kernel-xxxx.rpm
# vim /etc/grub.conf

Question No : 7

Copy /etc/fstab to /var/tmp name admin, the user1 could read, write and modify it, while user2 without any permission.
# cp /etc/fstab /var/tmp/
# chgrp admin /var/tmp/fstab
# setfacl -m u:user1:rwx /var/tmp/fstab
# setfacl -m u:user2:--- /var/tmp/fstab
# ls -l
-rw-rw-r--+ 1 root admin 685 Nov 10 15:29 /var/tmp/fstab

Question No : 8

Download to /root, and mounted automatically under /media/cdrom and which take effect automatically at boot-start.
# cd /root; wget
# mkdir -p /media/cdrom
# vim /etc/fstab
/root/boot.iso /media/cdrom iso9660 defaults,loop 0 0
# mount -a
mount [-t vfstype] [-o options] device dir

Question No : 9

Configure a task: plan to run echo hello command at 14:23 every day.
# which echo
# crontab -e
23 14 * * * /bin/echo hello
# crontab -l (Verify)

Question No : 10

Add admin group and set gid=600
Answer: # groupadd -g 600 admin

Question No : 11

Configure the verification mode of your host account and the password as LDAP. And it can ldapuser40. The password is set as "password". And the certificate login successfully through can be downloaded from http://ip/dir/ldap.crt.
fter the user logs on, the user has no host directory unless you configure the autofs in the following questions.
LDAP Server: ldap//instructor.example.com (In domain form, not write IP)
# yum groupinstall directory-client (1.krb5-workstation 2.pam-krb5 3.sssd)
# system-config-authentication
1.User Account Database: LDAP
2.LDAP Search Base DN: dc=example,dc=com
3.LDAP Server: ldap://instructor.example.com (In domain form, not write IP)
4.Download CA Certificate
5.Authentication Method: LDAP password
getent passwd ldapuser40

Question No : 12

Create a volume group,and set 8M as a extends. Divided a volume group containing 50 extends on volume group lv (lvshare), make it as ext4 file system, and mounted automatically under /mnt/data. And the size of the floating range should set between 380M and 400M.
# fdisk
# partprobe
# pvcreate /dev/vda6
# vgcreate -s 8M vg1 /dev/vda6 -s
# lvcreate -n lvshare -l 50 vg1 ┬ĘCl
# mkfs.ext4 /dev/vg1/lvshare
# mkdir -p /mnt/data
# vim /etc/fstab /
dev/vg1/lvshare /mnt/data ext4 defaults 0 0
# mount -a
# df -h

Question No : 13

Create a user named alex, and the user id should be 1234, and the password should be alex111.
# useradd -u 1234 alex
# passwd alex
echo alex111|passwd -stdin alex

Question No : 14

Add users: user2, user3.
The Additional group of the two users: user2, user3 is the admin group Password: redhat
# useradd -G admin user2
# useradd -G admin user3
# passwd user2
# passwd user3
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