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Question No : 1

Which protocol provides fast link failure detection for all type of encapsulation?
A. Prefix Independent Convergence
B. Carrier delay
C. Non stop forwarding
D. Bidirectional forwarding detection
Answer: D

Question No : 2

A service provider engineer enabled the BGP next-hop tracking feature and also tuned the OSPF to increase the network convergence in case of network failures. However, the operator engineer notices that in cases of PE failure, the network convergence is still slow.
Which configuration must the operator use to remedy this failure scenario?
A. router bgp 65000
address-family ipv4
bgp nexthop trigger delay 1
address-family vpnv4
bgp nexthop trigger delay 1
B. ip prefix-list PREFIX_32 permit ge 32
route-map ONLY_32 permit 10
match ip address prefix-list PREFIX_32
match source-protocol ospf
router bgp 65000
address-family vpnv4
bgp next-hop route-map ONLY_32
C. router ospf 1
default-information originate always metric-type 1
timers throttle Isa 1 5 5000
timers throttle spf 1 5 5000
D. router ospf 1
no default-information originate
tiers throttle Isa all  1 5 5000
times throttle spf 1 5 5000
E. router bgp 65000
address-family ipv4
no bgp next-hop trigger enable
bgp additional-paths install
address-family vpnv4
no bgp next-hop trigger enable
bgp additional-paths install
Answer: A

Question No : 3

Two routers that are running MPLS and LDP have multiple links that than connect them to each other. An engineer wants to ensure that the label bindings are not flushed from the LIB if one of the links fails.
Which configuration meets this requirement?
A. the mpls ldp neighbor targeted command
B. the mpls ip command on a Cisco MPLS TE tunnel
C. the mpls ldp autoconfig command
D. the mpls ldp session protection command
Answer: D

Question No : 4

What ISIS TLVs are used to support MPLS traffic Engineering? (Choose three)
A. TLV 22 Extended IS neighbor
B. TLV 10 Authentication Information
C. TLV 134 Router ID
D. TLV 132 IP interface Address
E. TLV 128 IP Internal Reachability
F. TLV 135 IS Reachability
Answer: A, C, F

Question No : 5

Refer to the exhibit, Which feature does this OSPF database entry refer to?
A. Intra-autonomous traffic engineer
B. Inter-autonomous traffic engineer
C. Segment routing
E. LFA repair path attributes
Answer: A

Question No : 6

On Cisco IOS devices, which IS-IS feature reduces the convergence time for prefixes designated as high priority?
B. advertise passive only
C. prefix prioritization
D. Fast-Forwarding
Answer: C

Question No : 7

Which two options are characteristics of MoFRR? (Choose two)
A. Uses additional PIM join toward source
B. Based on multicast forward error correction feature
C. Based on PIM Fast Route
D. Requires MPLS TE FRR enabled with link protection and node protection
E. Utilizes two equal-cost paths toward source
Answer: A, E

Question No : 8

A corporate ABC located in the US acquired Company XYZ which is located in Europe. Both companies are connected to the internet using the local ISP. A management VLAN must built using subnet across the ABC and XYZ sites.
Which solution meets this requirement?
A. Layer 3 VPN
D. L2TPv3
Answer: D

Question No : 9

An operator engineer notices that even through the BGP next-hop tracking feature is enabled in case of a PE failure, the network convergence is still slow.
Which configuration provides a faster convergence time in case a PE fails in this MPLS network?




Answer: D

Question No : 10

What is the main goal of the incident management?
A. Restore a normal service operation as quickly as possible
B. Create possible workarounds for issues that might recur
C. Enable the cursor to report issues
D. Ensure that the same incident does not recur
Answer: A

Question No : 11

Which mechanism protects the control and management planes of a cisco IOS device to maintain routing stability, network reachability, and packet delivery?
B. BGP Flow Spec
E. NetFlow
Answer: D

Question No : 12

Which two characteristics of GMPLS are true? (Choose two)
A. The LSP is established directionally through only one signaling messages
B. The control channel can terminate on different nodes types that the bearer channels span
C. OXCs manipulate wavelengths that bear the label implicitly
D. Two lights paths traversing the same fiber link can share the same wavelength on that link
E. LMP can be used by the natively photonic switches network element type only
Answer: A, C

Question No : 13

Which three IS-IS TLVs floods the MPLS TE resource allocation information through the network?
(Choose three)
A. Traffic engineering router ID
B. Extended IP reachability
C. IS TE reachability
E. Extended IS reachability
F. Opaque
Answer: A, B, E

Question No : 14

A service provider has a requirements to deploy a virtual router in its network to handle high-performance data plane service up to 20Gbps.
Which Cisco solution fulfills this requirement?
A. Cisco 7600
B. Cisco ASR 9000
C. Cisco NCS 6000
D. Cisco CSR 1000v
E. Cisco nexus 9000v
Answer: B

Question No : 15

A service provider is using multicast flows to provide streaming video content to its customers. Video streams are sometimes interrupted, and network instability is determined to be the cause.
Which action should the service provider take to decrease the burden on the router resources in an unstable unicast routing environment?
A. increase the PIM hello hold timers
B. reduce the volume of query messages
C. filter unnecessary SA messages
D. tune the RPF backoff
Answer: D
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