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Question No : 1

A learner who responds positively to slide presentations will tend to be a/an:
A. Physical learner
B. Visual learner
C. Auditory learner
D. Kinesthetic learner
Answer: B

Question No : 2

An instructor is preparing for a technical class. In the past some of the course has proven confusing. The instructor wants to be able to cover all concepts so there is no confusion.
Which of the following might the instructor do to BEST provide clarity for the learners?
A. Assign independent labs for each concept
B. Provide a technical document for each concept
C. Apply real world examples for each concept
D. Spend more time in open discussion
Answer: C

Question No : 3

Which of the following questioning types would be used to compare and contrast a complex concept?
A. Closed
B. Clarifying
C. Open
D. Higher order
Answer: D

Question No : 4

Which of the following methods will monitor the learning retention that is occurring during training?
A. Tests
B. Learner's self-assessment and evaluation
C. Initial learner assessment
D. Instructor evaluation form
Answer: A

Question No : 5

A student asks the trainer an intricate question.
Which of the following should the trainer do to interpret the question?
A. Ask the student to hold off until the end of the lecture
B. Interrupt the student and answer the question
C. Occasionally ask for clarification
D. Review the objectives
Answer: C

Question No : 6

Which of the following are the BEST methods for assessing learners¡¯ knowledge of an objective when their work entails life-or-death decision-making skills? (Select TWO).
A. Scenario-based learning
B. Course surveys
C. Teach back
D. Situational interest
E. Exclusion from a list
Answer: A,C

Question No : 7

Which of the following media should a trainer use to provide the objectives to students in a virtual course?
A. Direct the students to the publisher¡¯s website
B. Email the material to the students
C. Provide handouts to the students
D. Post the objectives in the front of the classroom
Answer: B

Question No : 8

While teaching, an instructor comes across an important point.
Which of the following shows how an instructor could BEST communicate this to the students? (Select TWO).
A. Cover it just like the other material
B. Use a monotone delivery method
C. Change the pitch of delivery
D. Highlight in the instructor's manual
E. Use more pronounced hand gestures
Answer: C,E

Question No : 9

Which of the following virtual tools would be BEST for students in an online synchronous class to indicate they have a question?
A. Click the No button
B. Call the tech support line to forward the question
C. Email the question to the instructor
D. Send the question over the chat line
Answer: D

Question No : 10

An instructor is teaching a virtual class and notices that learner interaction has begun to taper off. A break was recently taken so fatigue does not seem to be the issue, but rather a lack of understanding.
Which of the following should the instructor implement to help identify where learners are getting confused"?
A. Switching from lecture to a more visual training method.
B. Quiz the learners during the virtual session.
C. Conduct a quick review session.
D. Introduce supporting materials.
Answer: B

Question No : 11

An instructor is delivering a live distance learning class and is informed that some of the learner's computers do not have sound cards.
Which of the following should the instructor do in the future to ensure that the learners will have the ability to hear all lectures?
A. Make the class technology requirements available for the learners before the class.
B. Buy inexpensive sound cards and headphones and ship them to the learners' locations before the class starts.
C. Pre-write the speaking portion of the presentation. Use the chat function in the virtual classroom, copying and pasting in relevant sections as they are demonstrated on-screen.
D. Pre-record the speaking portions of the presentation and make them downloadable from the virtual classroom.
Answer: A

Question No : 12

An instructor is preparing to deliver a hands-on lab course. The client provides material and asks the instructor to develop a method to determine the skill increase from the course.
Which of the following should the instructor prepare?
A. A pre-class and post-class assessment
B. A verbal quiz to be given at the end of each course topic
C. A comprehensive lab that incorporates all of the skills taught in the course
D. A written exam to be given at the completion of the course
Answer: A

Question No : 13

An instructor delivers a complex topic and notices that most of the class is continuously falling behind during exercises.
Which of the following is the BEST way to prevent this situation?
A. Provide real-world examples in the exercises.
B. Conduct pre-class assessments to determine the skill levels.
C. Provide a written exam before the exercises.
D. During introductions have the learners assess their knowledge.
Answer: B

Question No : 14

An instructor is teaching a one week web design class. On the first, day many of the learners asks the instructor questions pertaining to the material that the instructor is not familiar with. The instructor tells them the answers will be provided the next day. The second day of the class the learners bring up more questions about the material and ask about yesterday's questions. The instructor does not have the answers and the learners lose confidence in the instructor's expertise in the subject.
Which of the following BEST describes what the instructor could have done to better control this situation?
A. Go over the material several days prior to the class to be more prepared
B. Assign each of the learners a question and have them find the correct answer
C. Ask if any of the learners in the class if they knew the answers to the questions
D. Instruct the learners to hold all questions until all the material is covered
Answer: A

Question No : 15

Which of the following is a non-verbal communication method an instructor should use?
A. Eye contact
B. Proper use of jargon
C. Correct vocabulary
D. Voice intonation
Answer: A
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