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Updated: 2022-07-02

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Question No : 1

The following are the description of available space function of RAID buckle card expanding VD (Virtual Drives), the correct options are: (Multiple Choice)
A. LSISAS3008 card supports this function
B. LSISAS3108 card supports this function
C. Only the RAID group where the VD is in still have space left can be VD expansion
D. Backup data before the expansion
Answer: BCD

Question No : 2

IBMC is the control unit to achieve server management that is compatible with the server industry management standard IPMI 2.0 specification.
A. True
B. False
Answer: A

Question No : 3

For Huawei servers, it is suggested to shut down the running business on the server before some of the firmware upgrade to avoid interrupting business when the server restarts.
Which of the following firmware upgrade need to restart the server x86 platform to take effect? (Multiple Choice)
A. BMC Firmware (Standby)
B. BMC Firmware (Main)
C. BIOS Firmware
D. Motherboard CPLD Firmware
Answer: CD

Question No : 4

The following description of the RH5885H V3 server memory system, the incorrect is:
A. Each CPU corresponds to two memory boards
B. The same server RDIMM and LRDIMM memory can be mixed
C. Up to 8 rank per channel
D. Supports up to 96 DIMMs
Answer: B

Question No : 5

Which of the following tool can achieve the OS batch deployment?
A. ServiceCD
B. eSight
C. uMate
Answer: B

Question No : 6

Server installed Windows2008R2 system, but it will automatically shut down every one hour, business cannot access, the most likely reason is:
A. Use the non-genuine Windows2008R2 system license
B. Server board failure
C. Windows 2008 R2 is not in the current server's compatibility list
D. Server CPU failure
Answer: A

Question No : 7

In the following picture, which interfaces/connectors can be applicable for connecting 3000W power module?

A. ¢Ù¢Ú¢Û
B. ¢Ü¢Ý¢Þ
C. ¢Ù¢Ú¢Þ
D. ¢Û¢Ü¢Ý
Answer: C

Question No : 8

The E9000 is a high-performance enterprise-class high-end server for resilient computing and telecom computing, targeted at high-end computing platforms.
A. True
B. False
Answer: A

Question No : 9

The correct command that Huawei FusionServer RH2288 V3 Server set BMC management network port IP address is:
A. ipmcset -t eth0 -d ipaddr -v ipaddr mask
B. ipmcset -t eth0 -d ipinfo -v ipaddr mask
C. ipmcset -t eth0 -v ipaddr mask
D. ipmcset -d ipaddr -v ipaddr mask
Answer: D

Question No : 10

The LCD configured by RH2288 V3 server can only check the server information, cannot do any configuration.
A. True
B. False
Answer: B

Question No : 11

About the description of x6000 server PCIe expansion card, which of the following are incorrect? (Multiple Choice)
A. When configuring four and a half width compute nodes, one PCIe x8 card can be expanded for each compute node
B. When configuring two full curtains compute nodes, two PCIe x8 cards can be expanded for each compute node
C. 4 PCIe expansion slots and the corresponding relation of compute nodes can be configured
D. When configuring two full curtains compute nodes, PCIe slot 3 and 4 are not available
Answer: AD

Question No : 12

Huawei V2, V3 series server can modify the configuration of the BMC management network port IP address on the BIOS interface.
A. True
B. False
Answer: A

Question No : 13

The default BMC management network port IP address of RH2288 V3 rack server is (The factory default is a static IP):
Answer: B

Question No : 14

The suggested depth of installing E900 server's cabinet is:
A. 1m
B. 1.2m
C. 1.4m
D. No requirement
Answer: B

Question No : 15

About the description of the configuration of RH5885H V3 Server CPU, which is incorrect?
A. The server supports 1, 2 or 4 CPUs
B. Only one CPU must be installed in the CPU1 position
C. When configuring two CPUs, they must be installed in the CPU1 and CPU3 position
D. The CPU model configured on the same server must be the same
Answer: C
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