1Z0-931 Dumps - Oracle Autonomous Database Cloud 2019 Specialist

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1Z0-931 Oracle Autonomous Database Cloud 2019 Specialist exam is a hot Oracle Certification test. PassQuestion provides Oracle Autonomous Database 1Z0-931 Dumps to help you validate the knowledge and skills to pass Oracle 1Z0-931 exam. You will be well prepared for Oracle 1Z0-931 exam and then successfully pass the 1Z0-931 Oracle Autonomous Database Cloud 2019 Specialist exam.

1Z0-931 Exam Overview - Oracle Autonomous Database Cloud 2019 Specialist

Oracle Autonomous Database Cloud Specialist is a must have certificates for any IT professional working with any cloud technologies.An Oracle Autonomous Database 2019 Specialist has demonstrated the knowledge required to provision, manage, and migrate to Autonomous Transaction Database (ATP) and Autonomous Data Warehouse (ADW).  It is designed for database administrators, monitors, and Dev Ops admins who want to validate their knowledge and skills. 
Individuals who earn this certification are able to understand the features and workflows of  Autonomous Database; provisioning and connecting, migration using SQL Developer, Data Pump and Golden Gate, manage and monitor, and understand tools, reporting and analytics using Autonomous Data Warehouse. 

1Z0-931 Exam Topics Covered In Oracle Autonomous Database Cloud 2019 Specialist

Autonomous Database Technical Overview
Migration and Data Loading into Autonomous Database
Monitoring Autonomous Database
Provisioning and Connectivity
Managing and Maintaining Autonomous Database
Tools, Reporting and Analytics using Autonomous Data Warehouse (ADW)

View Oracle Autonomous Database 1Z0-931 Free Questions

1.What are two advantages of using Data Pump to migrate your Oracle Databases to Autonomous Database? (Choose two.)
A. Data Pump can exclude migration of objects like indexes and materialized views that are not needed by Autonomous Database.
B. Data Pump is platform independent - it can migrate Oracle Databases running on any platform.
C. Data Pump is faster to migrate database than using RMAN.
D. Data Pump creates the tablespaces used by your Autonomous Database.
Answer: AC

2.The default eight-day retention period for Autonomous Database performance data can be modified using which DBMS_WORKLOAD_REPOSITORY subprogram procedure?
Answer: B

3.Which task is NOT automatically performed by the Oracle Autonomous Database?
A. Backing up the database.
B. Mask your sensitive data.
C. Patching the database.
D. Automatically optimize the workload.
Answer: B

4.Which three statements are true about procedures in the DBMS_CLOUD package? (Choose three.)
A. The DBMS_CLOUD.PUT_OBJECT procedure copies a file from Cloud Object Storage to the Autonomous Data Warehouse.
B. The DBMS_CLOUD.CREATE_CREDENTIAL procedure stores Cloud Object Storage credentials in the Autonomous Data Warehouse database.
C. The DBMS_CLOUD.VALIDATE_EXTERNAL_TABLE procedure validates the source files for an external table, generates log information, and stores the rows that do not match the format options specified for the external table in a badfile table on Autonomous Data Warehouse.
D. The DBMS_CLOUD.DELETE_FILE procedure removes the credentials file from the Autonomous Data Warehouse database.
E. The DBMS_CLOUD.CREATE_EXTERNAL_TABLE procedure creates an external table on files in the cloud. You can run queries on external data from the Autonomous Data Warehouse.
Answer: BDE

5.Which of these database features is NOT part of the Autonomous Database?
A. Online Indexing
B. Flashback Database
C. Real Application Clusters (RAC)
D. Java in the Database
Answer: D

6.Which two statements are true with regards to Oracle Data Sync? (Choose two.)
A. Data Sync can connect to any jdbc compatible source like MongoDB, RedShift and Sybase.
B. Data Sync can use a normal OCI (thick) client connection to connect to an Oracle database.
C. Data Sync can load your data in parallel in order to speed up the loading process.
D. Data Sync has default drivers available that supported loading data from DB2, Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL and Teradata.
Answer: AC

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