1Z0-1026 Practice Test Questions - Oracle Pricing Cloud 2018 Implementation Essentials

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1Z0-1026 Exam Information - Oracle Pricing Cloud 2018 Implementation Essentials

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An Oracle Pricing Cloud 2018 Certified Implementation Specialist has demonstrated the knowledge required to create and manage price lists, costs lists, tiers and matrices, pricing charge definitions and parameters.  Individuals who earn this certification are able to create and maintain pricing algorithms, service mappings, and matrix classes.

1Z0-1026 Exam Topics Tested In The Real Exam

Oracle Fusion Pricing Overview
Price Lists, Cost Lists, Discount Lists, Shipping Charge Lists, and Currency Conversion Lists
User Interfaces
Profiles, Segments and Strategies
Pricing Administration
Pricing Algorithms, Service Mappings, and Matrix Classes

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Which three Pricing Architecture components are required for executing the pricing process?
A. Pricing Segment
B. Pricing Rules
C. Service Mapping 
D. Charge Lists
E. Algorithms
F. Matrix Classes
Answer: CEF

You are explaining Pricing Segments to a client.
Which three statements describe the true purposes of a pricing segment that you could share with your client?
A. categorize set of customers
B. understand customer business motivations
C. achieve profitability goals
D. serve as a repository for Price Lists
E. offer custom pricing solution to customer
F. define rules that assign a pricing segment to a pricing strategy
Answer:  ABE

Your customer wants to change costs based on the quality of products ordered.
What must be configured to achieve this requirement?
A. Shipping Charge Adjustment
B. Shipping Tier Adjustment
C. Cost List Adjustment
D. Firelight List Adjustment
E. Quality Based Shipping Charges
Answer: C

Your customer wants to have a price list that determines pricing when transferring between two internal organizations.
Which two algorithms supports this policy?
A. Process Transfers Pricing Strategy
B. Price Sales Transitions
C. Get Sales Pricing Strategy
D. Price Material Transfers
Answer: A

Which component must a customer use to define adjustments?
A. Piking Strategy
B. Pricing Profile
C. Surcharge Lists
D. Shipping Charge Lists
D. Discount Lists
Answer: D

Which two statements are true regarding the relationship between pricing strategies and pricing segments?
A. You can use different pricing strategies for the same pricing segment.
B. Every pricing segment can have a different pricing strategy.
C. Each customer should have a different pricing segment and, therefore, a different pricing strategy.
D. You can only use one pricing strategy for all pricing segments.
E. Pricing strategies and pricing segments are not related.
Answer: CD

In which two lists are you able to define a matrix rule based on the out of the box setups?
A. Cost List
B. Pricing Algorithm 
C. Discount list 
D. Surcharge List 
E. Price List
Answer: AC

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