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Exam Name: IBM InfoSphere Optim for Distributed Systems Fundamentals

Updated: 2020-09-27

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Question No : 1

Which databases are directly supported on distributed platforms for Optim Test Data Management?
A. DB2 LUW, Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server, Microsoft Access
B. Sybase, Informix, Progress, DB2 LUW, MySQL, Microsoft SQL Server
C. Informix, Microsoft SQL Server, Sybase, DB2 LUW, Oracle
D. Microsoft Access, MySQL, Progress, DB2 LUW, Oracle, Sybase
Answer: C

Question No : 2

You can specify the default minimum retention period for protecting Archive Files on Centera from deletion. How is the minimum retention period calculated?
A. from the time Centera copies the file
B. from the time the Archive Process copies the file to Centera
C. from the time that the Archive Process copies the file to the local file system
D. from the time Centera copies the file from the local file system
Answer: B

Question No : 3

When you create a new Column Map, which of the following is NOT a valid source?
A. A table in an Extract File
B. A constant value
C. A table in an Archive File
D. A table in a database
Answer: B

Question No : 4

Although Optim creates files on fixed media, you can also direct certain file type(s) to secondary media, e.g., tape, content addressed storage, or a hierarchical storage management (HSM) system. Which types of file(s) may be directed to secondary media?
A. Extract, Archive, and Archive Index Files
B. Extract and Archive Files
C. Archive Files only
D. Archive Index Files only
Answer: C

Question No : 5

You are installing IBM Optim into an Oracle environment. Which statement is correct about user permissions?
A. The installation user requires the DBA role.
B. The installation user is the only user that can run Optim.
C. The installation user's permissions must be deleted once the installation is complete and all DB Aliases are created.
D. The installation user must have the SELECT ANY DICTIONARY role.
Answer: D

Question No : 6

Click the Exhibit button.

Which Optim high level architecture area is missing from the exhibit for an archiving project requiring a Collection of Archive Files for data reporting and viewing?
A. Optim Server
B. Extended Data Source Manager
C. WebSphere Application Server
D. ODM/Optim Connect
Answer: D

Question No : 7

Consider the following Archive file name that is defined using macros: /home/<$USER>/archives/<MON $SEQ6>.AF Which filenames would be generated from this macro? (Note: Assume that the file was created on Monday, February 2, 2009, by the person with the user ID of dev3x and the last sequential number assigned was 263.)
A. /dev3x/Feb000263.AF
B. /home/dev3x/archives/MON 264.af
C. /home/dev3x/archives/Feb264.af
D. /home/dev3x/archives/MON000264.AF
Answer: D

Question No : 8

You can use the silent installer in a UNIX environment to install the Optim Server. The silent installer is NOT available for which two of the following platforms? (Choose two.)
A. HP-UX 11i v2
B. Red Hat Linux 3
D. Solaris 8
E. SUSE 10
Answer: B,D

Question No : 9

Optim objects are saved in the Optim Directory. Which two statements are true about saving Optim objects? (Choose two.)
A. Optim objects like Column Maps, Table Maps and Access Definitions are saved with two-part names.
B. Only Optim relationships are saved in the Optim Directory.
C. If a Column Map is noted as local, with no name, it is used only once and then discarded.
D. An Archive Request cannot be saved in the Optim Directory.
E. There may be more than one Optim object with the same name as long as they are different types of objects.
Answer: A,E

Question No : 10

You have installed the Optim Server on an AIX system. The system is configured with various internal and external storage options attached to the server. Where should the Optim Temporary Work folder be placed?
A. the attached archive appliance
B. the attached NAS device
C. the system's internal disk drives
D. the attached SAN device
Answer: C

Question No : 11

When performing an archive process that uses a Storage Profile, which action could be performed as a result of using the storage profile?
A. Creates a connection to the database for use by the storage management device.
B. Creates a connection to the storage management device and copies an Archive File to a backup device.
C. Creates a storage allocation parameter for the storage or file management system.
D. Creates a duplicate of the existing information from the Archive Repository on the storage management device.
Answer: B

Question No : 12

What will cause a failure during an Archive Process?
A. An Optim Connect or ODBC definition does not exist for the Archive Collection.
B. An Archive File Collection already contains more than 12 Archive Files.
C. An invalid Archive File is automatically added to an Archive File Collection.
D. An Archive Process will always complete unless the gnore Errors?check box is selectedAn Archive Process will always complete unless the ?gnore Errors?check box is selected
Answer: C

Question No : 13

The customer has critical production systems against which Optim archive and delete processes are run. If Optim archive and delete processes are run at the wrong time, it will impact business. Which of the following will resolve the issue?
A. Using the Optim Configuration program, initialize Optim Security and assign a Security Administrator. For each role, grant or deny the appropriate privileges.
B. Configure object security, which will deny access to sensitive production objects.
C. By default, the Access Control Domain allows or denies access to particular Optim functions.
D. Configure program security to restrict access to the Optim executables.
Answer: A

Question No : 14

You are planning an installation of IBM Optim. Which two configurations are supported for the Optim Server and Optim Directory? (Choose two.)
A. DB2 database running on Ubuntu Linux
B. DB2 or Oracle databases running on AIX
C. Oracle or Microsoft SQL Server databases running on AIX
D. DB2 or Informix databases running on Sun Solaris
E. DB2 or Microsoft Access databases running on Windows XP Professional
Answer: B,D

Question No : 15

Click the Exhibit button.

Given the information from the Relationships tab of an Access Definition, and the associated Show Steps report as shown in the exhibit, what is the reason that the ITEM 552.S table is listed as UNTRAVERSED?
A. Options (2) must be enabled for the relationship between DETAILS and ITEM 552.S.
B. The DETAILS table is designated as a Reference Table so all relationships are ignored for this table.
C. Options (1) must be disabled for the relationship between DETAILS and ITEM 552.S.
D. No relationship exists between ITEM 552.S and any other table.
Answer: B

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