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Exam Name: IBM Cognos TM1 10.1 Administrator

Updated: 2022-05-17

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Question No : 1

You want to access TM1 data with IBM Cognos Report Studio, MDX statements, or other MDX OLAP tools outside of TM1.
Which control object stores custom named levels for the hierarchy levels of TM1 dimensions?
A. \}CubeProperties
B. \}HierarchyProperties
C. \}ClientProperties
D. \}DimensionProperties
Answer: B

Question No : 2

You are designing aTM1 application that will be deployed to over a hundred contributors who are scattered across the globe. Performance and a zero footprint on the user's desktop are important requirements.
Which TM1 interface should you use?
A. TM1 Excel workbooks deployed using the TM1 Excel Add-in
B. TM1 Cube View deployed through Server Explorer or TM1 Performance Modeler
C. Cognos Insight
D. TM1 Web Views deployed through TM1 Web
Answer: D

Question No : 3

A customer will be using TM1 Applications and wants to integrate with their current BI server for authentication.
Which security mode setting should they set in their tm1s.cfg file for the IntegratedSecuirtyMode parameter?
A. 5
B. 4
C. 3
D. 2
Answer: A

Question No : 4

IBM Cognos TM1 lets you import dimensions and data from IBM Cognos B1 packages using the IBM Cognos TM1 Package Connector.
Which two statements are true about the IBM Cognos TM1 Package Connector? (Choose two.)
A. It can be used with IBM Cognos B1 or Controller.
B. It is an optional component.
C. It can be used with IBM B1 packages that use SAP Business Warehouse
D. It only needs to be installed on the TM1 Server.
Answer: B,C

Question No : 5

A user is only allowed to enter data into cubes for the East region. The user should not be able to see entries for the West, North, and South regions.
To provide this level of access, which security should be set?
A. Set access to "None" for dimension elements West. North, and South and "Read" for East.
B. Set access to "Read" for dimension elements West, North and South and "Write" for East.
C. Set access to "None" for dimension elements West, North and South and 'Write" for East.
D. Set access to "None" for dimension elements West, North and South and "Read" for East.
Answer: C

Question No : 6

You must configure an online backup for running a TM1 application.
Which statement is true in this scenario?
A. You must exclude TMIs.cfg files from the files to be backed up.
B. You must exclude all log files from the files to be backed up.
C. You must execute a SaveDataAll function before the backup.
D. You must execute a PrepareBackup function before the backup.
Answer: C

Question No : 7

Your IT department requires that communication with the TM1 Application Server occurs on a specific port.
How would you configure this setting?
A. using Microsoft Internet Information Services (IIS)
B. using TM1 Operations Console
C. using IBM Cognos Configuration
D. using the TM1 Applications Portal
Answer: C

Question No : 8

The IntegratedSecurityMode, ServerName, and DataBase directory parameters would be found in which file?
A. tm1p.ini
B. tm1s.cfg
C. web.config
D. tm1admsiv.ini
Answer: B

Question No : 9

Which three statements are true about persistent feeders when they are enabled on a TM1 Server? (Choose three.)
A. The feeders are stored alongside the cube data in a .feeders file,
B. Memory size is affected by persistent feeders.
C. Using the Persistent Feeders feature will increase the system size on disk.
D. Saved feeders are loaded during server startup
E. Query performance is improved.
Answer: A,C,D

Question No : 10

You want to create documentation which is stored on the TM1 Server. You need to create a cube in which you can hold user entered text comments on all processes on the TM1 Server.
Which two dimensions would you use? (Choose two.)
A. The \}Processes control dimension
B. A dimension with a string item
C. \}ConnectionProperties control dimension
D. The \}PerfCubes control dimension
Answer: A,B

Question No : 11

Which two TM1 Objects are potential data sources for a TurboIntegrator process? (Choose two.)
A. Rule File
B. Dimension Subset
C. Cube View
D. Application Folder
Answer: B,C

Question No : 12

Which statement about Data Reservations in TM1 is true?
A. Granting a Data Reservation always permits users to write to the cube data, regardless of their security rights.
B. If the REQUIRED Data Reservation mode is set for a cube, users must take a Data Reservation to write data to the cube.
C. A user can secure a Data Reservation from the Security menu for the cube in Server Explorer.
D. Data Reservations are granted to groups and applies to all users in that group.
Answer: B

Question No : 13

A user of the TM1 Server that you administer wants to update data for a cube, but prevent all other users from editing the data.
Which rights should you apply to the cube for the user group to which this user belongs?
A. Reserve
B. Lock
C. Read
D. None
Answer: A

Question No : 14

TM1PerfMon provides which two capabilities? (Choose two.)
A. multiple performance counters (e.g. Views Created)
B. monitoring multiple servers from a single command line
C. invocation from inside TM1 Architect
D. refresh rate specified with the "sleep" parameter
Answer: A,D

Question No : 15

You need to ensure that a TurboIntegrator (T1) process runs immediately after the TM1 Server starts.
How should you do this?
A. Create a chore and plan the time shortly after the scheduled server starts.
B. Create a chore and enter the name in the StartUpChores parameter in thetm1s.cfg file.
C. Without achore, enter the name of the T1process in the StartUpProcess parameter in thetm1s.cfg file.
D. Create a batch command file and plan the execution time shortly after the scheduled server starts.
Answer: B

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